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Start setting up your van immediately, transforming it into an efficient mobile workshop by clicking directly on your van model from the list. We remind you that the quote is completely free and without obligation (including 3d rendering). Discover why Tecnolam is a leader in the outfitting of commercial vehicles.

We produce directly our equipment


Van racking systems for your van

The complete van racking systems installation must be designed in a systematic way, depending on the profession and personal needs.

To choose the best racking solutions it is necessary, first of all, to consider the available space of your van, evaluating the height, the length and the width of the space. Van racking system is the best way to save your money and save time.

Racking system could help you sort out everything you previously couldn’t organize in your load space. Ask for a free quote can help you for your van racking, you choose the vehicle select or a shelf single unit, this is the best way for the flexible van storage kit.

There are many methods of racking your van available for commercial vehicles, everything is left to the needs of the user who, depending on the profession, needs adequate furniture. You can consider also the accessories, the tools, safety system, kits and shelvings models for your van. Our products are durable in time and manufactured, we will send you in Uk.

Our van racking consiste in: drawers, shelves with dividers or removable plastic containers, cabinets and drawers with removable metal suitcases plus a whole range of accessories such as extendable gutter, drawer units with tilting drawers, tilting vice holder, roll holder paper, soap dispenser, cans with water tap and many other accessories for any need.

To simplify the loading and unloading of products there is a wide range of ramps and loading platforms. If you have a company, you can choose in our website the best and robust material, search ideas. We will send our components in Europe.

For those sectors that require the use of ladders, there is a efficient system of accommodation that facilitates loading and unloading with minimum effort, even on those vans with larger dimensions and with very high roofs. This anchoring system ensures a secure attachment of the stairs, even in the event of an accident.

It is also possible to take advantage of the van’s overflow with door bar systems designed to have an excellent load but at the same time, thanks to deflectors and aerodynamic profiles, be silent and have an irrelevant effect on the vehicle’s fuel consumption.

We set up all the vans on the market: Fiat, Iveco, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, Dacia, Hyundai and many others. Our van racking is the best for the companies, choose the best van racks for your van, improve your future choose our van racking systems.

Thanks to the dynamism of our products, these shelves can also be adapted to vehicles and increased load capacity and special needs. Example containers, large volume crates.

Our van racking are in line with all the laws that regulate road safety and the rules laid down by the code.

The TI-Van fittings developed have brilliantly passed the crash test under the European ECE-R17 standard.

From clutter to a good mobile workshop van racking

There are more and more companies interested in the organization of the mobile workshop and they do it with passion to improve their activities and their work. This is why we are delighted to be able to help you realize the dream of a vehicle equipped with everything you need to carry your mobile workshop around large and small cities.

The van racking of vehicles varies a lot according to the vehicle model, the wheelbase of the vehicle and the budget of the vehicle available and especially the type of work that takes place.

Which are the best van racking for mobile workshops?

On the Tecnolam market, there are various kits for mobile workshops. They vary mainly in the type of components present in the kit and above all for your needs, we remind you that instead you can do it yourself.

A good kit to be such must have at least a firm floor, and a van shelving with wheel arch covers and containers for tools that also have non-slip mats. Obviously these two are only the bare minimum, in addition to these two components it is of fundamental importance to equip the vehicle with all the tools for your vehicle.

In some of our shelving there are wardrobes, work benches and many accessories essential for your work.

Our van racking are designed from the producer to the consumer and delivered directly to your company. Our van racking are also designed for corporate fleets and therefore if you need to equip many vehicles, you are in the right place.

If you are afraid of consumption, you must know that there will be no greater consumption with our mobile workshops and our installed products but rather lower fuel consumption.

Why did we mention that the van racking floor is so important?

The van floor is very important because it allows you to keep the compartment of your van safe and prevent liquids and substances used for work from falling and ruining the van or denting it. This can be made with different materials such as wood, rubber or PVC according to your needs and tastes.

Our platform allows to cushion any falling objects from above. Moreover, thanks to the particular reliefs present it is also non-slip.

We set up all the vans on the market: Fiat, Iveco, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, Dacia, Hyundai and many others.

Thanks to the dynamism of our products, these shelves can also be adapted to vehicles and special needs. Example containers, large volume crates.

Our installations are in line with all the laws that regulate road safety and the rules laid down by the code. 

The TI-Van fittings have brilliantly passed the crash test under the European ECE-R17 standard.

Why choose a Tecnolam van racking?

  1. We offer the best and highest quality products
  2. Our products of your choice are 100% customizable in every part
  3. Our well-organized staff will help you choose the setting that best suits you and your expectations
  4. Once assembled our furniture you will have a van in total safety also for your materials
  5. We offer an excellent quality / price ratio from the producer to the consumer
  6. We offer a 36 month warranty
  7. We offer technical assistance on materials 24/7

How to request a quote on a customized van equipment?

When you contact us, you will begin to be part of our customers and Tecnolam UK, has been dealing with its customers for over 40 years with the care and dedication.
Our shelvings are designed for all types of vans but we have standard equipment for vans, created for those who need a quick assembly and have no particular requests.

We also have customized tailor-made van arrangements, made just for those who want the most out of their commercial vehicle. If you are a plumber, an installer, an electrician, if you are a construction worker and you need a well-equipped van with customized shelves, contact us.

Our staff will guide you throughout the request process, you can design your layout together with our staff and subsequently if you accept the quote after a few days it will arrive at your home. Our installations are simple and affordable for everyone. Our prices are advantageous because they pass from the producer to the consumer.

Optimize your van cargo space

“The van should no longer be considered just a simple means of transport. Turn it into a real mobile workshop.”


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Van Shelving System

The van racking system, has brilliantly passed the crash test established by the European ECE-R17 standard

Our installations are guaranteed for 36 months

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