Interior Van Lining

Side lining and side cladding for vans

“The van side lining of the load compartment is the best way to protect the load compartment of your commercial vehicle”

Normally, there are no protections in vans. For this reason, the interior of commercial vehicle is exposed to shocks during transport by shifting, reciprocating and falling the load. The impact of goods – especially those that are heavy or made of metal – can ruin the walls and floors panels of commercial vehicles. Therefore, we advise you to use a special lining  to protect the cargo space, the door and the walls of your transporter. The combination of wall coverings and vehicle floor offers the perfect cargo area protection of your van.

These side lining and side cladding covers are particularly useful when:

  • the commercial vehicle and van are frequently used for the transport of goods
  • you want to transport your materials and work equipment in total safety


The linings for walls Tecnolam are made of two kinds of material:

  • Polypropylene 4mm thick, very light and resistant to medium and light shocks.
  • Repainted sheet 0,4mm thick, resistant to medium and heavy shocks.

Advantages of polypropylene van side lining

The wall panels of the Tecnolam transporters are made of 4mm thick polypropylene alveolar panels.
The alveolar shape of the wall coverings serves to make the inner lining of polypropylene resistant on one side to shocks and on the other side so light that it does not reduce the load-bearing capacity of the boxcar. As a result, more fuel can also be saved during the transport of goods.
The polypropylene plates are water-repellent and therefore easy to wash. It is sufficient to clean with a simple sponge and a normal cleaner.

Choosing Tecnolam means having your van and the safety of your tools at heart.
You can transform your van or commercial vehicle into a mobile workshop. Assembly is very simple and for you who are in the sector it will be child’s play.
Our staff will assist you in choosing your van racking. You can choose a perfect side lining for your van compartment in order to obtain greater safety.

We also remind you that our products have a 36 month warranty.

For all makes and models of commercial vehicles

Tecnolam’s cargo space van lining is available for major makes and models of commercial vehicles and covers 100% of the carrier wall. The size of the wall panel is suitable for each type of wagon.

Choose the model and coating that suits you:

“Inexpensive also thanks to easy assembly”

Economical also thanks to the ease of assembly! It is not necessary to visit a specialized and expensive workshop to install the Tecnolam van.

This also applies to our van liners for commercial vehicles. We offer a 3 year warranty on our products, even if the installation has been carried out directly by our customers.

The simplicity of the connection on the side walls allows the wall covering to be installed independently on the utility vehicle in the shortest possible time.

An assembly brochure is naturally included in the delivery of the wallcovering. If you still have any doubts or installation issues, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

If you still have doubts or problems with the assembly, you can contact us by email or phone.

Would you like to have a lining for your van to get more safety? 

Tecnolam can already refer to the experience of well over 10,000 commercial vehicles set up for different trades. Requesting a quote is simple and is totally free. Fill in the required information in the form below and we will find the tailor-made wall covering for your van at the best price.

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