Floor Panels For Van And Commercial Vehicles

Floor Panels for vans and commercial vehicles

“The floor panel, protects the plate of your van and ensures greater stability of the load, thanks to the greater friction of the floor covering”

Durability and resistance are two key words to consider in order to have a floor panel for van worthy of the name. We guarantee that our materials will last over time.

We use only the best materials and in total safety.

Made of 12 mm thick phenolic marine plywood with aluminum edges and treated with special non-slip, anti-mold and anti-scratch resins, they are easily washable and impermeable to liquids

Order your floor panel for your van and assemble it in complete autonomy. Watch our explanatory video.


Tecnolam will help you make the right choice for you and your van, a valid van floor can give solidity and resistance to your vehicle!

We often have customers who don’t know that you can install a custom platform in van. Tecnolam offers you this great opportunity.

Thanks to the new platform, you can:

  • Make the Most of Your Van Space
  • Improve the aesthetics of your van
  • Equipping modern technology is easier with Tecnolam and you can do it independently
  • Get the highest quality materials

Durability and resistance are the cornerstones of Tecnolam, the products are in fact created to last over time.

How are van floors made?

  • 12 mm thick marine phenolic plywood
  • Aluminum edges and treated with non-slip, anti-mold and anti-scratch resins
  • Easily washable materials, impermeable to liquids

Soil properties of Tecnolam vehicles

Our low-cost platforms are tailored to each van model
best price

Why does the floor of the van have to be phenolic plywood?

Because in addition to adding thickness to your van and its floor, it also makes the floor resistant to weight and movement. This will give you a surface similar to that of a real workshop. The idea of having a mobile workshop with a multi-layer floor is perfect for making your work safe and practical.

How is a multilayer floor made?

If you are wondering how it is constructed, you should use a pantograph that shapes the floor according to the size of the van and the bodywork, proportional to the interior dimension of the vehicle. The floor must have aluminum profiles to make it even more resistant, being areas of the van subject to weight and movement.

The surface should be covered with a layer of paint, a protective resin which is used to give grip and not to slip. Thanks to this special and studied silicone protection, the floor will be safer and meanwhile over time. In addition, the particular paint will prevent the top from absorbing oils or other liquids that would ruin it, making it unusable over time.

Is it difficult for a plumber, installer, electrician to install a van floor independently?

The equipment does not require long waits, it is almost immediate work and can be done independently.

The floor is inserted into the rear doors at an angle to the body and is perfectly suited by placing it on the bottom. To make it even more compact and silent, a layer of silicone should be added around the edges. 

This last operation will make your floor even more immovable and safe for your vehicle. This, in addition to making the pickup easier and better, will also be a great help in facilitating cleaning operations. Thanks to the perfect resistance of the materials, you can use your platforms for loading and unloading of goods. Both to provide a resistant and beautiful sidewalk to see in case you choose to transform your van into a workshop or emergency vehicle.

The assembly system described above will mainly prevent vibrations and squeaks because the platform will be custom-made on your van. In addition, professionals will also be able to find the most suitable solution for inserting floors on any type of work vehicle, making your van an irreplaceable assistant for your work. A job well done is also a guarantee of image for your company because the perfection of the finishes will not escape the attentive eye of your client.

The insertion of a floor panel in your van will increase the safety and professionalism of your work

With a floor installed to perfection, the order and arrangement of materials, tools and merchandise will also improve. Thanks to a level surface, it will indeed be possible to pile up many more objects, especially after the end of a job. Order and cleaning will be more evident with this installation, no doubt improving your speed of intervention.

To carry out this particular work, it is not enough to rely solely on professionals, but you must insist on asking for first-rate equipment, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Many people believe that they put untreated wood inside the means of transport. But if you must bring liquid and solid food, it is advisable to put a wood which does not make mold inside the vehicle in question. This will also prevent odors inside the vehicle.

We deal with fittings on all the most important brands of commercial vehicles and vans:

The panels floors of Tecnolam vehicles are available for the main brands and models of carriers and
Cover the loading surface at 100%. The size of the base plate is imagined to measure for each model. 

What are the advantages of choosing a Tecnolam van flooring?

РHaving a custom interior plywood floor of 12mm with aluminum edges: it is an excellent antidote against wear over time and improves the condition of the van. 

РThe compartment that you use for your tools of trade and for everything that you want to bring, deserves a particular respect, an order which can favor comfort, practicality and especially safety at work. 

РYou can enrich your compartment with our dressers and lockers and accessories, to promote order and cleanliness inside your van. 

How to request information and 3D quote? For more information, simply enter your data in our practical form. Our quotes are 3D and free for any brand of van and commercial vehicle.

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