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Equip your utility into a mobile workshop at the right price!

Tecnolam is an Italian company that design professional workshop spaces and produces Van racking system. Whether you are an installer, a plumber, an electrician, or any other mobile craft professional; Tecnolam is the place to turn your VAN into a practical, yet professional workspace.

The company was established some 40 years ago, in the historical Italian province of Pesaro, just by the Flaminia way. Since then, it has grown into a manufacturing behemoth, with 200 sales points all over Europe. 

One of the pioneering enterprise in their designated field, it was back in 1994 when Tecnolam went ahead of 95% of their competitors, and received the ISO:9002 certifications for providing outstanding quality and services.

Over the years, Tecnolam has equipped their factories with all the necessary machineries to mould plastic materials, as well as to produce manufactured woods and plates. They are one of the few proud European companies that only sells their own manufactured products, and has a portfolio of 3,000 happy customers…..

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We’ve been Racking systeme for 40 years!

Our van racking are guaranteed 36 Months Design and rendering in 3D free

Tecnolam Products & Services
The main products and services provided by Tecnolam are:
Van Racking: If you are in need of a mobile workshop, Tecnolam can turn your VAN into one effortlessly. 

Their TI-VAN racking system offers an unparalleled level of design sensibilities to make use of every little space in your cargo compartment, and transform it into a functional and effective working space. 

Right at the beginning of a project, the dedicated and greatly skilled professional at Tecnolam diligently considers everything about your requirements, measures all the available spaces, and renders a 3D modelled design for your approval. Once approved, they transform the VAN with high-quality, self-produced range of racking systems, furniture, and many other accessories. 

They also produce loading ramps, van interior lining, and flooring. Their ladder system is designed to load and unload things with ease, with a highly-secured anchoring system providing the best-in-class safety.

With an array of outstanding professionals, coupled with the high-quality materials used to produce their range of products; Tecnolam is well-equipped to fulfil your van racking and other workshop shelving needs. So, what are you waiting for? Call Tecnolam Today!

The TI-VAN racking system can fit into all the popular models of vans – Mercedes, Toyota, Fiat, Peugeot, Nissan, Volkswagen, Dacia, Iveco, Citroen, Renault, Hyundai, Nissan, Dacia, Ford, and so on. It comes with an affordable price, offers the design rendering for free, and is secured with 36 months of guarantee. 

The entire racking system is ECE-R17 rated for passing the European standard of durability tests.

Why Choose Tecnolam? There are a number of great reasons why Tecnolam is one of the best at what they do. The main specialities offered by the company are:


With 40-years long track records of satisfying thousands of customers all across Europe, Tecnolam guarantees a level of quality assurance for their products and services that cannot be matched by any other companies in their category.


Based in Calcinelli di Saltara, Italy; Tecnolam maintains a highly-qualified team of field engineers, project managers, and supports staffs. They work tirelessly to conduct multiple quality checks starting from the beginning of production up until the delivery. The results are a line of products worthy of their ‘Made in Italy’ badge.

Quality Materials

 Whether it’s the powder coated steels, anodized aluminium, or plastics, the raw materials used by Tecnolam to produce their range of products are of the highest quality.


Our product range is designed, projected and realized in Italy. Our van equipments are built with powder coated steel, accessories in anodised aluminium and plastic: a perfect mix to guarantee safety and stability with minimum weight.

Our range has successfully passed the crash test according to ECE-R17 European testing and Safety Regulation. The test has been carried out by the Certification and Analysis Center CSI in Milan (subsidiary of IMQ Group- Italian Institute for the Quality Mark) and certified by TUEV SUED. 


van racking specialist

Outfitting of vans of all makes of vehicles

The TI-VAN professional Van racking system allows you to better organize your vehicle’s space.

Arranging your van means turning the cargo compartment into a real mobile workshop.

Tecnolam, aware of all this, achieves these items by guaranteeing robustness and reliability at very competitive prices


Decorate your workshop with Tecnolam furniture

• Workshop Furniture: Not settled with the van furniture, Tecnolam also brings the assurance of the same standard of quality for their line of workshop furniture – TechnoLine. Based on a modular design philosophy, the TechnoLine furniture comes with a unique, easy-to-use assembly system that offers an infinite amount of configurations. In order to ensure their furniture fits in with all kinds of shape and environment, each of the multi-purpose TechnoLine modules are designed to be used as a self-supporting furniture, can be placed on the floor, or aligned side-by-side in a linear or 90-degree composition. Made durable with a combination of plywood and thick, stainless steel; the furniture also looks great with a minimalist design and double treatment colouring.


Workbenches, trolleys, paneling

The Service Line offers order systems such as toolholder carts, workbenches, toolholder panels and a wide assortment of accessories.This line of products, while being made for the professional sector, is also accessible to the hobbyist world considering the price competitiveness.
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