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Iveco is represented worldwide in the segments of vans and light, medium and heavy vans. Commercial vehicles for construction and mining. Also in the field of mechanics and for craftsmen. Even in the difficult Dakar Rally, Iveco managed to finish third and fourth in 2017. Iveco commercial vehicles are synonymous with: efficiency, sustainability and a mobile world with technical solutions for the benefit of commercial use.

They are also perfect for use in the low-traffic areas of the inner city, because Iveco has invested heavily in developing alternative driving systems.

Tecnolam has thought of products optimized to the maximum for Iveco: the shelving for vans that are resistantdurable and inexpensive and other accessories for commercial vehicles. Shelving systems for vans, boot protection, briefcases or tool cabinets make Tecnolam products the best solution for Iveco vans. A wide selection to satisfy your working needs.


Intelligent technology with reduced consumption, which also optimally supports your company. State-of-the-art engine and transmission technologies, perfect for the requirements of transport professionals. With various options for wheelbases, roof heights and loading volume, this panel van is perfect for tasks in urban delivery traffic, as a construction vehicle or when used as a furniture transporter. With the carefully selected products, Tecnolam offers you tailor-made and affordable vehicle equipment for your Iveco Daily. 

The drawer systems, underfloor drawers, tool cabinets, shelving systems, loading ramps and worktops, which are made of high-quality material, can be used individually and are easy to assemble. To protect the interior of the vehicle, Tecnolam also offers sturdy cargo space linings and stable floor panels for the Iveco Daily cargo, space with versatile fastening options for a safe journey every day.

Tecnolam van racking for the Iveco Daily panel van ensures a perfect fit and optimal expansion options. Practical use, quality, low weight and safety are top priorities for the vehicle equipment offered by Tecnolam. 

Request a free 3D quote is simple, you can give prestige to your business. If you are an electrician, a plumber, an installer, you are in the right place. Our staff will help you find the best solution for your van.

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Our van racking systems for IVECO vans are compatible with the following series:

  • L1H1 / 3000
  • L1H2 / 3000 
  • L2H1 / 3520 mm / 9 m3
  • L2H2 / 3520 mm / 10.8 m3
  • L3H2 / 3520 mm / 12 m3
  • L3H3 / 3520 mm / 13.4 m3
  • L4H2 / 4100 mm / 16 m3
  • L4H3 / 4100 mm / 18 m3