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With its Caddy, Crafter and transporters T4, T5 and T6, Volkswagen has designed the ideal commercial vehicles for craftsmen and technicians. The modular solutions from Tecnolam for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles fully adapt to the needs of your company. Volkswagen vans are perfect for electricians, plumbers, installers who need to assert themselves on the world of work and better organize their working day.

With Tecnolam, racking your van is simple, chests of drawers, lockers, shelves will be designed specifically for you and you can choose and customize your van racking.


The Caddyis a perfect van for every type of profession, which is an electrician, an installer, a plumber, used to transform your Volkswagen van into a mobile workshop.

The Caddy van shelving system from Tecnolam offers a wide range for your commercial vehicle. Drawers with swivel drawers keep order for small parts. It is also possible to obtain shelves and shelf systems for self-assembly. Special accessories such as soap dispensers, roll holders, container holders and transport belts also increase comfort and safety. A luggage rack for your caddy simplifies the loading and unloading of bulky items. Getting a free 3D quote is simple, so you can better set up your mobile workshop.

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Two to their different variants, the T5 and T6 are popular VW Transporter among professionals in all industries. The high-quality interior and generous cargo space can be further optimized by the vehicle facilities offered by Tecnolam, such as shelving systems, paneling or shelves.

It is truly an excellent van to be furnished as a mobile workshop. It is indeed possible to get the most out of it by organizing it in the best way. Getting a free 3D quote is simple, so you can better set up your mobile workshop.

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The VW Crafter is a transporter that, thanks to the width of its sliding doors and the low loading edge, represents the loading miracle among the smaller VW commercial vehicles. Comfortable loading and securing can be brought to an even higher level.

 Loading ramps and cabinet structures guarantee more flexibility. Roof racks and luggage racks offer craftsmen every opportunity to fix your material well and securely. With the Tecnolam extensions and internals, ideal for self-assembly, you can turn the VW Crafter into a mobile and safe workshop.Getting a free 3D quote is simple.




Notre équipement de véhicule pour Volkswagen est compatible avec les séries suivantes::

  • Caddy  à partir de l’année de construction 2015
  • Transporter à partir de l’année de construction  2015
  • Crafter à partir de l’année de construction  2006