Tecnolam’s Fiat van racking solutions include: shelving and internal panels for walls, to protect the compartment and equipment, luggage racks and numerous shelves and brackets for modular vans to equip your vehicle according to specific and professional needs. 

We offer standard and customizable assembly solutions for all Fiat commercial vehicle models. The five Fiat models Doblo, Ducato, Fiorino, Talento and Scudo stand for loading areas that are suitable for a wide variety of craft and assembly companies. Here you will find the in-vehicle equipment from Tecnolam that matches your business area and Fiat model (TÜV-certified)

Ours is an excellent quality / price ratio directed from the producer to the consumer.


With Tecnolam on-board equipment systems, you will give your Fiat Ducato van a safe and tidy loading space. Removable tool cases, shelving systems, recessed boxes and floor drawers simplify daily work. Thanks to our racking, you can better set up your van, it will become a real mobile workshop to help you in your work. Having a free quote is simple, so you can implement your professionalism and your work according to your needs.


Our range of intelligent vehicle equipment is as small, agile and flexible as your Fiat Fiorino.
It is the perfect van for those who want a well organized mobile workshop. From the producer to the consumer, thanks to Tecnolam you will find shelving systems with high quality products, the protection of the van compartment, the wardrobes, the suitcases, the tool and accessory boxes and much more.
Our staff will help you through a totally free quote to find out how to bring your Fiat Fiorino to the maximum professionally.

van racking for fiat  Fiat Fiorino


The Fiat Doblo offers the perfect base for Tecnolam shelving and racking. Your van will become a mobile workshop. You will get thanks to our products: high quality and order.With our lockers, shelving systems and worktops tailored to the model, you will get great security for yourself and your equipment. You will increase your professionalism. Having a free quote 3D is simple, so you can implement your professionalism and your work according to your needs.



You can effectively use the large load compartment space of the Fiat Talento with Tecnolam’s professional racking solutions. Our wide range of vehicle equipment is suitable for all business needs. Here you will find useful wheel arch covers, drawers or different tool holders, tool cases, integrated shelving and drawers that meet your daily needs. Thanks to Tecnolam products, your Talento van will be well organized and increase your professionalism. Having a free quote is simple, so you can implement your professionalism and your work according to your needs.

van equipment talento


For the Fiat Scudo model, Tecnolam also has many standardized racking systems and it is possible to think about customizing them. Take advantage of the large drawers with ergonomic and perfect drawers for all tools and practical shelving systems, shelves and cabinets for tools or comfortable loading ramps and worktops. This way you can use the entire usable space of the interior. You will discover a new way thanks to Tecnolam to use your van as a mobile workshop.Having a free quote is simple, so you can implement your professionalism and your work according to your needs.


Nos équipements pour véhicules utilitaires de la marque Fiat sont compatibles avec les types de construction suivants :

  • Amènagenent vichule utilitaire  pour Fiat Doblò Cargo à partir de l’année de construction 2015
  • Amènagenent vichule utilitaire  pour Fiat Ducato à partir de l’année de construction 2014
  • Amènagenent vichule utilitaire  pour Fiat Fiorino à partir de 2008
  • Amènagenent vichule utilitaire   pour Fiat Talento à partir de l’année de construction 2016
  • Amènagenent vichule utilitaire  pour Fiat Scudo à partir de l’année de construction 2007


Nous configurons l’aménagement du véhicule de votre transporteur Fiat en fonction de vos besoins ou vous proposons des modules standard attrayants, spécialement adaptés aux exigences de votre exploitation.

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