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Van Racking Fiat Doblò

Discover the solutions that Tecnolam proposes for the racking of your Doblò fiat. Equipments are available for all length steps.

Order and your equipment will arrive directly to your home in a few days. Each shelf is complete with fixing brackets and bolts. The shelves and drawers are equipped with adjustable separators and non-slip mats

Thanks to Tecnolam racking, you can better organize your van and it will become a wonderful mobile workshop.

You can choose a standard set up or customize your mobile workshop by choosing our products according to your needs.

If you are a plumber, an electrician, an installer, you are in the right place, thanks to our staff you can better furnish your van.

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Wheelbase 2.755 mm

The complete set-up of the Fiat Doblò van with 2.7 m wheelbase. it is composed of the shelving, briefcases, drawers and, from the floor, the coverings for the equipped walls. Equipment such as roof racks and ladder racks can be mounted on the roof of the van. Tecnolam van racking also includes various products and accessories.

We have prepared three BASE-COMFORT-LUXORY shelving solutions


Each shelf is complete with mounting brackets and nuts and bolts. The shelves are made of high strength steel. The shelves and drawers are equipped with adjustable dividers and non-slip mats. Crates equipped with plastic trays for small parts.


A basic piece of furniture with several shelves to keep your work equipment tidy.

  • Measure 1268x1075x360 mm
  • Weight 43 kg
  • Code TI-CAR 4029 Cod. 020020030


With this module for the left side of the Doblò, it has an overhead door with two shelves and partitions, a chest of drawers with two removable cases and removable container holders.

  • Measure 1268x1075x360 mm
  • Weight 53 kg
  • Code TI-CAR 4030 Cod. 020020031


This shelving unit includes a wheelhouse cover with 2 overhead doors and 2 drawers. A shelf with removable containers and a terminal with steel dividers.

  • Measure 1268x1075x360 mm
  • Weight 61 kg
  • Code  TI-CAR 4031 Cod. 020020032



Open wheelhouse cover and three shelves with storage lockers.

  • Measure 760x1076x360 mm
  • Weight 26 kg
  • Code TI-CAR 4032 Cod. 020020033


Open wheelhouse cover, two shelves with removable containers and a terminal shelf with dividers.

  • Measure 760x1076x360 mm
  • Weight 26 kg
  • Code TI-CAR 4033 Cod. 020020034


One of the best in Tecnolam. Two overhead doors and two shelves with dividers. In this module we have the side support with a toggle clamp.
  • Measure 760x1076x360 mm
  • Weight 82 kg
  • Code TI-CAR 4034 Cod. 020020035


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