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Van Racking and Storage Ideas for Plumbers

9 August 2021

Your van should be a mobile workstation that is functional and projects a professional image. With thoughtfully designed van racking ideas for plumbers, you will be able to maximise space and locate your tools and equipment immediately. 

Plumbers require a lot of equipment that creates clutter. Whilst you’re rooting around for tools and parts you can’t find, time is ticking. When you’re late for jobs, customers are frustrated and annoyed. It also adds more working hours on to your day.

Customised van racking ideas for plumbers saves you time. Everything has its place, so there is no time wasted looking for the items you need. Subsequently, you’re more productive and profitable. 

There’s also a safety aspect. Untethered nuts and spanners will damage the inside of your van. You could even slip on a loose pipe and injure yourself in an accident

It’s clear to see how van racking and storage offers long-term benefits. However, putting the design together can make your head explode. But don’t worry, our experts have got plenty of plumbing van storage ideas. 

Plumbers Van Racking and Storage Ideas

Plumber’s van racking should be functional, adjustable and robust. The key to creating the ideal mobile workstation is determined by which tools you most use, which parts need separate storage and where you will store bulky materials. There are several things to bear in mind: 

  • Create space for larger items at the bottom. 
  • Position the tools and equipment you use the most nearest the door and at a convenient height.
  • Do you want storage for your everyday tools only, or materials for individual jobs as well?
  • Keep health and safety in mind.

Maximising Space

A key benefit to kitting your plumbing van out with customised storage, is to maximise wall and floor space. Light-weight shelving and hardwearing shelves increase your load capacity and will last for years.

One of the plumbing van storage ideas we mostly adopt is deep shelves with dividers. This helps to maximise wall storage but also keep all your small items together – but in their own compartments. 

We also make the best use of space by installing a retractable middle shelf that can be pulled out and used as a workbench. This way, if you need to saw a pipe down to size, you have a safe and convenient environment at your disposal.  

Installing a double floor also helps to maximise space. A false floor is ideal for storing heavy items and bulky components such as sinks and toilets. Straps tethered to the sides prevent these types of items from moving around. 

There is also the option to install heavy-duty drawers on the double floor. They are also ideal for storing items that weigh up to 80 kg. Drawers also come in a variety of materials such as steel, aluminium or wood. The choice of material we use for plumbers van racking depends on whether strength or lightness is more appropriate.

Van Interior Lining

Van ply lining protects the inside of your van and the racking from damage. The number of metal parts stored in plumbers van racking will scratch and dent your investment. 

Van lining is made from polypropylene plastic. This robust material not only protects your van from metal and heavy objects but also chemical spills and water. 

A protective lining on your floor also makes it safer for you and your crew to climb in and out of the van safely. Plastic reduces the risk of slipping if the soles of your shoes are wet. 

Van Racking Ideas for Plumbers from Tecnolam

We have a wide range of shelving ideas available to meet various budgets and style preferences; luxury, comfort and base. Moreover, we source the most cost-effective materials and deliver high-quality results at competitive prices. Not only is our creative design team skilled at customising plumbers van racking, but we also manufacture the shelving ourselves. This means we oversee the entire design and installation process. 

Do you have any van racking ideas for plumbers you would like to share with us? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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