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Roof racks and roof bars

The Tecnolam roof rack is compatible with most models of transporters such as Caddy, Sprinter, Vito, T5 and T6. It offers a load-bearing capacity of up to 90 kg.

Roof racks and roof bars for vans and commercial vehicles

Tecnolam roof racks and roof bars are made with the best materials of the highest quality. They are light, in steel and aluminum and are very resistant and long lasting.

Buying a Tecnolam product is a guarantee because we take care of you and your professionalism.

Tecnolam builds luggage racks and roof racks for all brands of vans

If you are a plumber, an electrician, an installer, a building contractor, you are in the right place. If you are looking for roof racks and roof bars to set up your van, Tecnolam is for you. 

They are products designed for commercial vehicles of all brands, thanks to the modular construction, can be used on vans of all kinds.
The roof racks and roof bars are suitable for any profession that needs to carry bulky and work material.
Innovative products, designed using cutting-edge technologies in the field of set up for commercial vehicles.
These systems for the transport of goods and tools on the roof are made in compliance with the highest quality standards: the careful selection of the materials used, such as aluminum alloy and stainless steel, allows to put on the market light, sturdy porta-everything and resistant, durable and with reduced dimensions.

The fact that these products are mainly made of aluminum also means having the security that they will not rust.

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Characteristics of the roof rack

1 Made of ultra-light aluminum

2 Perfect for every working need

3 Long lasting

4 They bring order and professionalism to your van

5 Adaptable to all van models

6 They do not rust over time

How are roof racks and roof bars made?

These are composed of some crosspieces (covered on the upper part) and two lateral containment sides.

At the rear there is a roller, whose purpose is to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods or tools. The roof bars are made of 100% aluminum.

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What are the advantages of having a roof rack and roof bars on your van?

Installing a roof rack or roof bars on your van is child’s play, assembly is really simple and affordable for everyone.

The advantages of having such an innovative accessory are numerous:

  • Innovation of your van

Your van will be innovative and equipped and you will no longer have to struggle to take bulky items from the van compartment.

  • No encumbrance in the van compartment

You can use your van as you wish with shelving, wardrobes and briefcases without having to use the space to transport bulky materials.

  • You will save time and effort

You will no longer have to struggle to bring material and take it out of the van compartment, you will be able to use the roof.

  • Order in the van compartment

The order is not to be underestimated, you will be able to keep your van in order without having bulky material that gets in the way during work.

  • Your mobile workshop will come to life

Your van can finally be transformed into a mobile workshop by adding this load-bearing piece that will help you transport the heaviest material.

Why choose Tecnolam products?

  • Assembly is simple and intuitive, little effort in a few steps
  • Sophisticated and high quality materials
  • Security
  • Staff at your disposal to identify the best set-ups for you
  • 100% customization on all products
  • Free 3D quote

Immediately request information for the best offer available