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Ford is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of light vans. Models such as: Ford Transit, Ford Transit Courier, Ford Transit Custom and Ford Transit Connect have given the automaker a name in the commercial vehicle market. Tecnolam offers modular racking for the different Ford vans. The rackings are standard or customized according to the working needs. The platforms are suitable for being walked on and for the transport of equipment, you can choose the shelves, cabinets, suitcases perfect for you and your profession. Thanks to Tecnolam racking, your equipment and everything you carry will be safe. You will not risk incurring unpleasant fines. Whether you are a plumber, a tiler, an installer, a worker, an electrician, Tecnolam has the right racking for you and your Ford van. Requesting a free 3D quote is very simple.


For many years, Ford Transit has been a reliable “employee” for a wide variety of companies but also for individuals such as electricians, plumbers, installers.¬†Regardless of the commercial purpose, Ford Transit is compact and simple to set up. It is possible to get the most out of the vehicle equipment thanks to Tecnolam, it is economical and robust. For your Ford Transit van, Tecnolam offers modular shelving systems, an optimal covering for the load space consisting of a robust base plate and customized wall covering and other accessories such as the luggage rack. Tecnolam vehicle accessories are characterized by their low weight and therefore favor the load capacity of your van.Requesting a free 3D quote is simple, contact us for more information.

Vab Racking four Ford Transt

  • MWB L2H2 / 3300 MM ¬Ľ
  • MWB L2H3 / 3300 mm ¬Ľ
  • LWB L3H2 / 3750 mm ¬Ľ
  • LWB L3H3 / 3750 mm ¬Ľ
  • LWB L4H3 / 3750 mm ¬Ľ


The Ford Custom is a van with a double-wing tailgate and a sliding door. With Tecnolam, the manufacturer of affordable in-vehicle equipment for the Ford Transit Custom, you can extend this comfort to the journey time. With our racking you can transform your simple van in a beautiful works space. The complete set-up of the Ford Custom van with 2,933 m wheelbase. Equipment such as the roof rack and the ladder rack can be mounted on the roof of the van. Tecnolam racking also include various products and accessories. Ask for free 3D quote is very simple, contact us!

ford custom van

Van Racking four Ford Custom

  • SWB H1 / 2933 mm ¬Ľ
  • SWB H2 / 2933 mm ¬Ľ
  • LWB H1 / 3300 mm ¬Ľ
  • LWB H2 / 3300 mm ¬Ľ


The compact Ford Transit Courier is perfect for all jobs, the size is small. Powerful and robust like a big one and therefore. Is  ideal for installers, cable installers or water installers. For the van racking, Tecnolam offers the optimally affordable and durable vehicle equipment. You can set up both the right and left side, you can also transform your van into a small mobile workshop perfect for your daily work. Ask for a 3D free quote is simple.

van racking systeme ford courier

Van Racking four Ford Courier

  • L1 / 2489 mm ¬Ľ


The Ford Transit Connect van offers the best conditions for installers, craftsmen or electricians, thanks to the size of its load compartment. Regardless of the commercial use you make, the optimal on-board equipment for Tecnolam’s Ford Transit Connect is the perfect addition. For example, the luggage rack and ladder rack, which you can easily assemble, or the wide range of accessories that offer maximum use of the spacious cargo space for the Connect van.You can request a free 3D quote in a few minutes and you will also receive the rendering.

Van Racking four Ford connect

  • L1 / 2662 mm ¬Ľ
  • L2 / 3062 mm ¬Ľ


Our van racking systems for Ford vans are compatible with the following series:

  • Ford¬†Transit ¬†from the year of construction ¬†2014
  • Ford Transit¬†Custom ¬†from the year of construction¬†2012
  • Ford Transit¬†Courier ¬†from the year of construction¬†2014
  • Ford Transit¬†Connect ¬†from the year of construction¬†2014


No matter whether Transit, Connect, Courier, Coustom . We configure the vehicle equipment of your Ford van individually according to your needs or offer you attractive standard modules, specially adapted to the requirements in your trade.


Request a free 3D quote is simple, you can give prestige to your business. If you are an electrician, a plumber, an installer, you are in the right place. Our staff will help you find the best solution for your van.

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