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Van racking ideas for electricians

15 June 2021

In this article, you will find out how to install van racking for electricians. So if you are looking for an electrician van racking you are in the right place.

Each van has its own prerogatives but thanks to our company, you can finally give space to your creativity and therefore van shelving for your business needs.

If you have a Fiat van, a Dacia van, a Renault van and you want to give new life and new job opportunities to you and your company, it’s perfect, you are in the right place.

Combine a fantastic electrician van racking with your vehicle and your business will have no more secrets.

What are the elements that an electrician van equipment should contain?

The van setup is modular, this means that it can include some basic modular elements that can be assembled inside a van compartment and also externally.

You can start as they say “from the lower floors” and then from a multilayer floor that will allow you to repair your compartment from sharp electric cables or screwdrivers and material that could fall and thus damage the van. The flooring must be very solid and that is why when you request a 3D quote you can choose one of our bespoke plywood floors, truly unbeatable for the sector in which you work.

What are the best way to be a good electricians with van racking ideas for electricians?

As a good electrician you will also need to consider shelving. If you had to consider the best shelving that are perfect for your work, we recommend ours. Our shelving is robust and light at the same time, well assembled and with an infinite possibility of customization.

Each shelving inside can contain: custom-made containers with non-slip mats to best contain your small and large tools, capacious drawers for small tools, removable cases, the best in the industry. In addition there are also plastic cases with dividers, useful for small materials, really perfect to be taken wherever you want and wherever you need to go to make your intervention.

What we can recommend for the material and van racking ideas for electricians is also to insert wheel arch covers, this to be able to plan all your space and make the most of it without neglecting important parts.

Another element that you will need to take into consideration because it could really change your business outlook is a wardrobe. It seems trivial but a well-made wardrobe can really contain a lot of material and above all it can contain material that you may have to find immediately before an intervention.

Our fittings are also perfectly designed for those who carry out electrical maintenance and therefore for example if you need to carry longer tools on your van, you can think of a perfect parcel rack or door-everything to avoid cluttering the compartment.

The icing on the cake of our van setups are our numerous accessories that can enrich your work luggage and therefore make it unique and solid.

What accessories do we recommend for an electrician’s van setup?

We really have a wide range of accessories and you can see them yourself, asking us for the catalog with the best accessories. In 2021, many new customers have trusted us to make their van equipment for electricians a spectacular mobile workshop.

We do this work with passion and above all with the idea of ​​really helping our customers to work at their best during their heavy working days.

Our best accessories for an electrician van setup:

  • The perfect extendable gutter for holding pipes, conduits and other items that stretch
  • Plastic trays to add to shelves, great for all small items that could otherwise fall to the ground and get lost
  • Under-floor drawers, an incredible resource for increasing the space of your electrician van

Also choose a perfect rack for your van!

Our van racking are safe and reliable and with coverage after many crash tests!

Request a free online quote, available for your electrician van outfitting. We are at your disposal to offer you the best and to allow you to create your mobile workshop!

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