Van Shelving solution for van

Tecnolam offer shelving for vans and commercial vehicles with a very long list of brands. Always thinking of equipping and configuring each space meticulously.

Van Shelving customizable for all van brands

Our van shelving systems are available in three different options: Base, Comfort and Luxury.
Being a real manufacturing company, Tecnolam manages the whole production process: planning, raw material purchase, machining, and finished goods storage; this ensuring constant high quality standards. The product range TI VAN, van equipment solutions, is characterized by high quality standard and great flexibility at very competitive prices. Thanks to the modular products, they can be combined in many different ways, and you can include various accessories.

Our products can be customized according to your working and commercial needs. If you are an electrician, a plumber, a painter, an installer, you are in the right place. You can transform your van or commercial vehicle of any brand into a valuable and useful mobile workshop.

Our standard shelves are suitable for those who have already had experience in a mobile workshop and want to adapt their van to the best. Creating a van racking will be child’s play with our shelves. Assembly is really simple and intuitive.

It is the right time to make a qualitative leap, to set up Tecnolam van shelving. This means to make your work more precious and professional. You can add to your solution the phenolic multilayer floor (12 mm thick) with antislip aluminium edges and also internal linings in two different materials: polypropylene and repainted steel.

What are the advantages of having Tecnolam van shelving?

  • order and professionalism
  • safety of your work tools and small parts they use daily
  • simple assembly
  • high quality materials
  • possibility of having customized shelvings from all points of view according to your working needs
  • very short times even when you have just started work in the morning, you will find all your work tools more easily
  • assistance for any problem or need for clarification from our staff 24/7
  • free 3D quote without obligation

Our modules in combination are perfect for every profession!

Tecnolam offers you the maximum customization of the shelves because it wants to help you better enjoy your work experience. Your van compartment will be safe and also your equipment and small parts. Your van will be in compliance with the law and you will not risk fines of any kind.


Watch our tutorial to see our beautiful and practical van shelving.

We have created for each model of van different types of shelving modules for the left and right side – BASE-COMFORT-LUXURY for all brands of commercial vehicles, if you don’t find what you are looking for, request a personalized quote for your spot vehicle.

Choose yourself or get advice on which side of your van, want to equip with our shelves

“Ti-Car” Tecnolam complete shelf module

wheel arch cover





lockers for vans

How to request a free 3d quote?

It’s simple, fill out our practical form and you will be immediately contacted.  You can choose to configure your mobile workshop as it is most suitable for you based on your work needs.  Tecnolam, is by your side to satisfy your choices and your need for order and organization in your van or commercial vehicle.

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