Vauxhall combo van racking ideas


Discover the solutions that Tecnolam proposes for the preparation of your Opel Combo

A van suitable for all working needs. Opel offers a large compartment, a valuable van if you are an electrician, an installer, a tiler, a worker, a plumber. Racking is available for all length steps. Order and your equipment will arrive directly in a few days.

Each shelf is complete with fixing brackets and bolts. The shelves and drawers are equipped with adjustable separators and non-slip mats. 

You can choose high quality standard racking and customized racking according to your working needs for all the measures you prefer. You will also find drawers, wardrobes, shelves for your tools and small parts for work.

You can choose standard racking or custom racking. You can customize your van compartment up to the maximum.

Tecnolam, for you, you can optimize your van with an honest quote from the producer to the consumer. An excellent quality / price ratio perfect for all categories.

Requesting a free 3D quote for your Opel Combo van is very simple, our staff will be able to advise you on the best modules to adapt.

vauxhall COMBO van racking

Why choose Tecnolam for the racking of your Opel van?

  • we are the first in the vehicle fitting sector
  • we offer robust shelving
  • you can configure better your vehicle
  • our products are certified
  • shipping is fast
  • our products are guaranteed for 3 years

One of the simplest vans to configure for convenience and use for business tasks. Discover the solutions offered by Tecnolam for the layout of your Opel Combo. Facilities available for all stages, if you cannot find the appropriate solution in the modules here, immediately request a personalized quote.

If you are a plumber, an installer, an electrician you are in the right place, thanks to Tecnolam, you can transform your van into an orderly mobile workshop.

Wheelbase  2755 mm 

Wheelbase  3105 mm 

3 year warranty

Certified quality TÜV

Best Price Guaranteed

Opel Combo L1

> Wheelbase  2.755 mm

Left side Van Racking





Right side Van Racking





Complete your RaCKING With Our  Products

Roof Rack

How to request a quote? Request a free 3D quote is simple, you can give prestige to your business. If you are an electrician, a plumber, an installer, you are in the right place. Our staff will help you find the best solution for your van.

    Van Racking*:
    RightLeftfull rackingOther


    Interior Van Lining*:
    Painted metal sheetPolypropyleneNo

    Ladder Racks*:

    Roof Rack+Roof Bars*:

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