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Van racking for installer

Van racking for installer

If you are an installer or you are studying to acquire the title, you are in the right place, we at Tecnolam offer customizable van equipment for your category.
Being an installer means having a business or entrepreneurial project always ready for innovations on the market and always current. Being up to date with sector developments also means having a well-organized, organized van ready for all types of daily operations.

We at Tecnolam, with our competent staff at your disposal, plan your working future. We help you to furnish your van or commercial vehicle that is unique or even a company fleet if you are an installer or if you manage a company that needs many van outfits.

We offer racking arrangements created for those who need to furnish their van for everyday working needs and customized for those who need something unique.
Our job is designed for anyone who owns a van and we work with all the brands available on the market.
We know the work needs of an installer who is a plumber, an electrician or a heating system installer and we take care of your order, we take into consideration the durability of the equipment for vans or commercial vehicles, using only the highest quality materials.

The needs of an installer customer in the van and mobile workshop equipment:

We at Tecnolam, are pleased to be able to help you and by choosing our fittings you will fulfill your specific requests.
With our standard and customizable equipment, you will have the opportunity to store cables, pipes, equipment in the necessary spaces.
With our equipment you can equip your van, making it more reliable and versatile for all types of work you are going to do. You can choose the right set-up for you after a free 3D consultation and quote with our Tecnolam staff.
You will have the highest quality material, resistant to weather and wear and tear over time, large and safe compartments where you can store your items and even small parts.
You will be able to create your own mobile workshop customized according to your taste, your work project and the need for intervention. You will have a wide range of choices of tool cases and small parts, shelves and cabinets.

Tecnolam van and commercial vehicle rackings designed for an installer

Thanks to our products, you can set up your van using 100% of the space, so you can divide your work space according to your working needs.
Our products are of the highest quality and made of steel, they are designed to last over time and to ensure the greatest possible safety. Our fittings have been subjected to crash tests and the result for your equipment and tools is exceptional.
You can sleep peacefully in our hands, your van will be a real mobile workshop with all the features you like best.
Each area of your van can be custom-made: the wall on the right, for example, with shelves designed specifically for you and with tool cases and small parts; the left side you can choose to dedicate it to lockers and furnishings for medium-sized tools or even for electrical machinery. The bottom bulkhead can be equipped with an excellent fixing system with a sliding bar.

With our fittings you will get the maximum yield at a cost facilitated by the producer to the consumer.

Our fittings are advantageous for you who are an installer because:

– We offer the best and highest quality products
– Our products of your choice are 100% customizable in every part
– Our well-organized staff will help you choose the setting that best suits you and your expectations
– Once assembled our furniture you will have a van in total safety also for your materials
– We offer an excellent quality / price ratio from the producer to the consumer
– We offer a 36 month warranty
– We offer technical assistance on materials 24/7

Why should you buy a Tecnolam van equipment?

Equipments for vans and shelvings for commercial vehicles tailored for installers!

Order and professionalism: thanks to our equipment, you will avoid clutter, less ruined objects and tools, significant reduction in the time you will spend ordering and looking for your tools;
Better productivity: thanks to our equipment you will improve your productivity and professionalism by having everything at your fingertips;
Expenditures increasingly contained: with our furniture fittings and furnishings, you will always know what is missing from your tools and in this way you will be able to contain expenses and purchases;
Greater job awareness: you will no longer have to worry about looking for your tools but you can focus on customer satisfaction and work;
– Increase your professionalism and demand for your services
– You will be able to hide pipes and cables that make your life difficult and put them in and safely store them.

Request a 3D quote

Request a free quote in 3D so that we can understand if our installations are right for you. We remind you that our quote is without obligation.