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van shelving for electricians

Van and mobile workshop for electrician

We at Tecnolam are a company in the van racking sector. We offer you a layout designed according to all your needs as an electrician. Tecnolam is by your side to help you better enjoy your work experience and to keep your equipment in order more accurately.

Tecnolam, helps you equip your van and commercial vehicle that is unique or a corporate fleet if you are an electrician and even if you manage a company with many vans.

In fact, we offer equipment designed specifically for you, custom furniture for each model and brand of van on the market.

have been professional in van equipment for 40 years and we try to find solutions designed for each customer. We also remind you that the 3D quote is free.

The profession of electrician and the need to have a well-equipped van

If you are a professional electrician you are certainly dealing with cables, screws and small parts of all kinds and many small and medium tools. You really need a lot of tools and materials to make an electrical installation.

It is really very important therefore to always have everything you need at hand to do your job better and without risk. We at Tecnolam care a lot about your total safety and that’s why we thought of equipping your van with resistant and safe shelving. Obviously, our fittings will also keep all your tools safe, from our crash tests it turns out that the safety level is very high.

At Tecnolam we specialize in the production of furniture designed specifically for electricians, so if you are looking for vans for electricians, you are in the right place. For you who are an organized electrician, entrusting your van in our hands will be a way to deepen your professionalism. An orderly van: it is an opportunity to grow professionally and above all allows you to transport your materials in total safety. Your repair tools and small parts are safe from any overhang, moving your van.

What can we do for you? Why should you contact us if you are an electrician? Ad hoc arrangement!

If you are an electrician and you have thought of giving a good reorganization to your professional van, we are right for you.

Contact us for more information and a free quote. Our staff will be able to help you find the right solution and the appropriate equipment for you and your van.

We at Tecnolam offer a great variety of set-ups and we also offer the possibility of personalized set-ups.

If you are interested in a pre-set layout, you can take advantage of our modular offer of three types: BASE; COMFORT; LUXURY.

We work with the best and most resistant materials and you can choose yourself which chests of drawers, shelves, wardrobes, cases, wheel arch covers to buy and modular.

We have specific modular components for those who work in the electricity niche like you who are a professional electrician.

We offer: tailor-made cases for you, small parts cases; shelving; pipe holders and staircases; impact resistant panels and equipped walls to store the best equipment.

In addition, to keep all your tools in order and even the smallest ones, we recommend drawers with transparent drawers for electricians to help you with your work and simplify your professional life.

A mobile laboratory / workshop on your van: order and professionalism

To give luster to your work you will have the opportunity to have an orderly laboratory and mobile workshop where you can organize your daily intervention tasks. As you can see in our photos, the transformation from a commercial van into a mobile workshop is possible. To meet all the needs of our customers we offer tailored quotes from the producer to the consumer at no additional cost. You can equip the platform of your van, the walls and the sides of your van even if there is a sliding door. Each set-up is created according to the customer’s working needs, designed in 3D to be as likely as possible and subsequently implemented and tailor-made.

Our fittings are advantageous for you who are an electrician because:

  1. We offer the best and highest quality products
  2. Our products of your choice are 100% customizable in every part
  3. Our well-organized staff will help you choose the setting that best suits you and your expectations
  4. Once assembled our furniture you will have a van in total safety also for your materials
  5. We offer an excellent quality / price ratio from the producer to the consumer
  6. We offer a 36 month warranty
  7. We offer technical assistance on materials 24/7

What sets our van for electricians apart from others? Why should you buy a Tecnolam van equipment?

  • Order and professionalism: thanks to our fittings, you will avoid mess, less ruined objects and tools, significant reduction in the time you will spend ordering and looking for your tools;
  • Better productivity: thanks to our equipment you will improve your productivity and professionalism by having everything at your fingertips;
  • Expenditures increasingly contained: with our furniture fittings and furnishings, you will always know what is missing from your tools and in this way you will be able to contain expenses and purchases;
  • Greater job awareness: you will no longer have to worry about looking for your tools but you can focus on customer satisfaction and work;
  • Increase your professionalism and demand for your services
  • You will be able to hide pipes and cables that make your life difficult and put them in and safely store them

Equip the roof of your van as an electrician

If you build electrical systems, you often find yourself having to carry a large amount of tools and also cables and pipes. We also know that you need a firm and high ladder to reach the ceilings of the rooms where you want to work.

For these transports, we at Tecnolam have thought of our electrician customers with a wide range of parcel racks, everything carriers, tube racks, sturdy stair racks.

Request a 3D quote

Request a free quote in 3D so that we can understand if our installations are right for you. We remind you that our quote is without obligation.