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Customised Transit Van Racking Ideas

20 October 2021

Police in the UK often issues warnings to tradesmen warning them about the theft of tools taken from the back of mobile workshops. Having equipment stolen from the back of your van is a problem that can be resolved with customised transit van racking ideas.

For numerous tradesmen, owning a mobile workshop that is secure and organised has many benefits. 

Our customised transit van racking ideas enable you to enhance the security of your tools and equipment. Not only that, but you can easily find whatever you’re looking for – thus maximising your time and your profits. 

With all your equipment stashed away and secured in its place, there is less risk of damaging your tools as well. Or the interior of your van for that matter. Moreover, customised transit van racking projects a professional image your customer’s trust. 

No matter what your trade is, our transit van racking ideas meet your everyday needs. And keep your most valuable possession safe. Custom transit van racking ideas include concealed shelves, drawers configurations with security locks, non-slip inserts, dividers, made-to-measure tool holders and more. 

Modular versus Custom Transit Van Racking Ideas

When you’re considering installing racking for your transit van, you have two options; modular or customised. 

Customised transit van racking ideas give you more options. The only benefit modular racking systems offer over bespoke solutions is they take less time to install. You can also install modular shelving yourself which will cut down on cost. 

But, for the best results, custom van racking ideas provide a better, more secure environment. Bespoke solutions also gives you more flexibility. In short, customised transit van racking ideas provide a solution for everything. Modular systems don’t. 

Bespoke van racking gives you superior functionality too. You can literally install any type of storage compartment you need. You can also include a specialist storage facility for specific tools and compartmentalised drawers. For example, placing dividers in a large drawer to separate your nuts from your bolts. This means you can gran everything you need from one drawer, but you’re not fishing around for both pieces. 

The protection and security of your equipment should also be considered. If your tools are loose, they can slide around your van and cause damage. And tools are expensive to replace. Customised racking solutions for transit vans are collision-safe.

Ford Transit Custom Van Racking Ideas

Being one of the most popular work vehicles among UK tradesmen, there’s a wide range of custom van racking solutions you can install in a Ford Transit. Thanks to its spacious capacity, the primary goal for van racking ideas in a Ford Transit should be to give everything a dedicated space. And that means optimising space. 

The benefit of custom van racking in Ford Transits is that you can find what you are looking for easily. There’s sufficient room for shelving, drawers, racking bays and removable boxes which you can keep smaller bits and pieces such as screws, nuts, bolts, washers, nails, valves, tape and pipes etc. 

Tradesmen that often use bulky items will also benefit by installing a false floor to keep your equipment damage-free. Custom false floors provide you with made-to-measure compartments. Alternatively, you can install pull-out drawers fitted with tamper-safe locks.

Another benefit you get from installing a false floor is that you utilise more room in the roof of the van that would otherwise be wasted. This enables you to install van racking ideas for your Ford Transit that gets the maximum space from the room available. 

Customised van racking is available for all types of Ford Transit vans; Ford Transit Courier, Ford Transit Custom and Ford Transit Connect. With a wide range of materials to choose from, transforming your mobile workshop could be one of the best decisions you ever make.  

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