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Which Van Racking System Parts Do You Need

19 October 2021

Do you feel confused trying to get your head around van racking system parts? You’re not alone. Our clients often ask us to clarify what the components some racking systems parts are. 

There’s a wide range of van racking solutions and accessories. If you’re installing a storage system for your mobile workshop yourself this glossary of terms will help. 

Below you will find a list of racking system parts and accessories you will probably need. You will also get inspiration about solutions you may not have already considered.

The A-Z of Van Racking System Parts

The racking system parts listed below are common forms of van racking. This list informs you of your options and provides inspiration for you to design your own racking system.

Anchoring systems

Secure shelving units to prevent drawers from falling out of the rack. Typically made from vertical or horizontal aluminium bars for lighter load capacity.


Can be installed in shelf racking or toolboxes to create separate compartments. 


Can be fitted into a cabinet or under a false floor depending on your storage needs. Drawers can be custom built to any size to store large quantities of small items (i.e screws) or bulky equipment. 

Drawer inserts

Ideal for creating individual compartments in the same drawer. For example, separate nuts, bolts, washers etc.

File holders

Slim compartments for storing paper documents. 

False Flooring System

These are effective solutions to maximise space in your mobile workshop. Van false floor storage can be fitted on the floor of your van by creating a separate compartment. 

This way, the top edge of the false floor compartment becomes the floor of your van. This solution raises the height of your shelving and utilises space on the roof of the van.

You can use false flooring to fashion large compartments for bulky tools without blocking access to shelves. Alternatively, you can install drawers on the false floor which pull out for convenient access. 

Locking Doors 

A safety measure that keeps your most valuable tools out of sight and secure.

Universal hooks 

Used for hanging a variety of tools. No matter what type of tools you carry, universal hooks can be attached to the side interior of your van, the rear door or the upright part of a shelf frame. They provide you with a dedicated space for every piece of equipment and enable you to maximise space. 

Peg Boards 

Can be installed to create a dedicated space to hang tools. Typically used with universal hook mounts.

Components of Racking System Parts

The list below features racking system parts that you will need to know when assembling your van storage solution. 

  • Anchors: Secure shelving and racks to the van floor and walls. Anchors come in several various types depending on your needs. 
  • Drop front drawer: An alternative solution to pull out drawers. drop fronts are fitted with a releasing latch which gives you access from the front. A convenient solution for storing heavy items.
  • Mounting parts: Important accessories for attaching shelves and racks to the interior walls of your mobile workshop. They help to make your racking system parts stable and durable.
  • Protective cladding: Fitted to interior panels to protect them from scratches and dents.
  • Modular systems: Shelving solutions that are pre-built and require assembling out-the-box. They are shipped to pre-specified sizes and are not customised. 
  • Upright Shelf frames: The vertical endpoints of a shelving stack. They attach to beams positioned on the van floor. 
  • Wall Tie: Used to tighten a row of shelving against the sidewall of your mobile workstation, instead of fastening materials with a bolt.

Still confused? If you have any questions about the racking system parts you need for your mobile workshop, call our experts. 

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