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How To Make The Best Use of Van False Floor Drawers

14 September 2021

For tradesmen with mobile workshops, maximising van space is important. However, some professions require tools and equipment that makes efficient storage solutions problematic. 

The good news is that van false floor storage provides inexpensive yet efficient solutions. No matter how large or awkward your equipment is to store, underfloor storage, drawers and other van shelving ideas enable you to stow your work tools and materials safely, neatly and securely. 

Installing a false storage floor in your van also means that you don’t lose a great deal of storage capacity. As a matter of fact, you optimise capacity by using height spaces that otherwise go unused.

Before installing underfloor storage, it’s important to consider payload capacity. Storage units add weight to your payload and exceeding the legal limits could result in a penalty. Weight distribution and stability are also key factors to be considered. 

With various considerations in mind, we have listed several effective van false floor storage ideas below.

Van False Floor Storage Tips

Longer tools are more difficult to store in the back of a mobile workstation. They are often placed loosely in the back. This increases the risk of damaging your tools and scratching the paintwork on the interior side of your van. 

Installing underfloor storage resolves these issues. With some careful planning, you can build in false floors, pull-out drawers, slots and specialised compartments cut to precision. 

For tradesman that work with larger sized equipment, underfloor storage and false floor draws are an ideal solution.

Underfloor Storage

Underfloor storage provides you with a sufficient amount of storage space without eating into the capacity of your mobile workstation. For example, you can build in underfloor storage to about 10-12 inches and still have the same storage space you usually use. 

Van false floor storage can be fitted across the entire length and width of your van, or with a dedicated space in between vertical shelving. There is also an option to include easy-access drawers at the rear. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

Use Van False Floor 

False floors are popular solutions for mobile workshop owners. They allow you to prepare a space for all manner of tools and materials. Van false floors keep your mobile workshop tidy. And with everything in a dedicated space, you know exactly where everything is!

You can also use false floors in a variety of ways. They are ideal for storing bulky items or expensive tools you want to secure and keep safe. You can add a locking system for additional security. 

Some tradesmen also use underfloor storage space to stow items they don’t use frequently. This prevents lesser-used tools from taking up unnecessary space in the back of your van. But you don’t have to keep loading and unloading them either. 

Underfloor Drawers

Underfloor drawers maximise the space in your workstation – and keep it tidy. Installed at the entrance to the back of your van, false floor drawers provide you with easy access to your everyday tools. Why climb in and out of your van or rummage around looking for the tools you need? 

Van false floor drawers are an ideal solution for medium-sized vans and small commercial vehicles. With a reasonable amount of tools tucked away, you still have plenty of loading space for goods and materials you are taking to a job with you. 

Drawers can be made to measure depending on your personal needs. We can install two large drawers with a capacity to hold up to 80kg plus suppor up to 200 kg of weight placed on top. If you prefer a series of smaller drawers and compartments, we can do that too.

Van False Floor Kit: What is included?

If you want to install underfloor storage yourself, we supply everything you need in our van false floor kit. We also have accessories that you may find useful. 

What’s in the box: 

  • Water-resistant plywood floor panels.
  • Durable non-slip hatch surface to prevent the floor becoming slippy.
  • Heavy-duty adhesive to ensure the floor is help securely in place.
  • Divider panel.
  • Silicone layer to protect the edges.

You wouldn’t believe how much easier you worklife will be when you install a van false floor storage solution.

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