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Innovative Work Van Tool Storage Ideas

16 February 2022

Tradespeople, that deliver onsite service and repair work, need a mobile workshop to transport tools of the trade. A common issue for many tradespeople is storing tools in a safe, secure and organised fashion. 

Our tool storage ideas tick several boxes. With the right solutions, you will have a fully functioning mobile workshop and know exactly where to find your tools. If you currently waste precious time searching for tools scattered willy-nilly across your van floor, our work van tool storage ideas are essential reading. 

Moreover, a well-organised van creates a good impression. A carefully prepared mobile workshop gives customers confidence, that you will complete their job with the same meticulous attention to detail. 

Tool Storage Ideas for Vans

The principal purpose of van tool storage is to protect your tools from damage or getting lost. In addition, you maximise the space in the back of your van and eliminated wasted time searching for tools.

The work van tool storage ideas below can be adopted by almost anybody with a mobile workshop. However, we have multiple solutions and van security tips to suit individual needs and preferences. 

We also take into consideration important issues such as payload and capacity. Depending on the weight of materials you may carry to jobs, we are highly selective in the materials we use to craft tool storage ideas for vans. 

Vertical Storage Containers

One of the benefits of work van tool storage ideas is to help you save time. With effective storage solutions, you maximise your work van’s storage space. This means you have dedicated space for all your tools and still have room to load up the materials you need for a job. This can save you from having to make two trips. 

A highly effective storage solution for tools is a vertical shelving system attached to the interior of your van. Stacked shelving utilises height space that would otherwise go unused. Storage containers create an effective storage system with the capacity to hold countless tools. 

Storage containers can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes. This gives you the option to store everything you need on a day-to-day basis. From small items such as plugs and screws to long or bulky tools such as hammers and saws. 

Large storage containers placed at the bottom are also ideal for heavier items. To keep your tools secure, you can also attach anti-theft locks to the storage containers.

Back Doors Are Great Tool Storage for Vans

The rear doors of most mobile workstations go underused. Simply attaching a magnet strip gives you space to hang a wide range of handheld tools like spanners, garden clippers, hammers and pliers. 

Longer metal items such as rakes, spirit levels and rods also help you clear floor space. With everyday items attached to the back of your van door, you have easy access. You won’t need to climb in and out of your van to fish out equipment.

Work Van Tool Storage Ideas For Safe Keeping

A lot of work tools are expensive. Moreover, expensive tools are more attractive to thieves. In recent years, the rising rate of tool theft in the UK has prompted rallies.

Fortunately, security lock solutions for work van doors are more efficient these days. Even still you can double down on your van security by installing a safe. Underfloor storage space and lockers fitted with anti-theft devices help to keep your most valuable items secure.  

Installing a safe in the back of your mobile workstation also gives you peace of mind. You can even combine safe storage places with other modular storage components. Innovative storage ideas help you to maximise the space and disguise storage units that would-be criminals can’t see. 

Do you have any van tool storage ideas you would like to share with us? 

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