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Plenty of Room for Renault Traffic Storage Ideas

29 October 2021

The Traffic is a popular choice of mobile workshop in the UK. Although the mid-sized Traffic may not be as established as some of its traditional rivals, our Renault Traffic storage ideas mean converting your van into a mobile workshop offers huge potential to maximise the efficiency of the space.

There are plenty of reasons to buy a Renault Traffic as your work van. With 5.2 cubic metres of load volume, cargo space is flexible. And the load-through space in the bulkhead provides you with easy access to your tools and equipment for when you’re in a hurry. 

Despite the convenience of the design, you can supe up your mobile workshop even more with efficient van racking. It will give you more storage space. We discuss some of our best Renault Traffic racking ideas in this article!

Renault Traffic Van Racking Ideas To Increase Storage Space

Van racking solutions for the Renault Traffic can be custom-built or designed using modular systems. Either way, the Renault Traffic is a great model to convert into a mobile workshop. Its modest load volume enables you to create a van storage system that is orderly, efficient and safe.

Most Renault Traffic vans come with a composite moulded bulkhead as standard. This gives you an ideal foundation to install racking that utilises space in the roof of the van. 

We even recommend installing a bulkhead if your Traffic model doesn’t already have one. A bulkhead erected between the cargo and passenger zones prevents loose items from rolling around the cargo area. 

Due to its mid-size, we recommend your Renault Traffic racking includes a false floor. There are several ways to achieve this, either with removable floor panels or configured drawers. 

Installing a false floor means you can store larger items underneath the cargo area so they do not prevent an obstruction. Secure compartments also ensure your equipment does not get damaged or cause damage to the van’s interior by sliding around or falling over. 

A false floor also raises the height of the cargo area. This gives you more scope to install racking and shelving right up to the roof. As a result, you maximise the space in the back. This can be advantageous for tradesmen that typically have to make more than one trip to collect equipment because there is insufficient room. 

The Best Renault Traffic Storage Ideas

The type of Renault Traffic storage solutions you install in your van depends entirely on the nature of your business. However, it’s the small, innovative ideas that often get overlooked that are the best van racking options for the Renault Traffic. 

Van racking comes with accessories. It is here where you find gems that enable you to maximise the space of your Renault Traffic. For example: 

  • Desk surface at the back of the fold-down seat. That way, you could write out invoices. Or you could use it as a secure storage space to conceal a laptop. 
  • Fold-away workbenches and pull-out plastic bins in the rear. Something that gives you the capacity to work on-site. For example, if you need to cut piping to size, sand a piece of wood or mould plastic. These solutions save you the hassle of having to travel back home to use your workshop. 
  • Maximising the space of your drawers. Rather than installing several smaller drawers, why not install larger drawers fitted with non-slip inserts or dividers. This gives you the option of storing smaller items in one place whilst maximising space. 
  • Security locks and secret compartments. These are also ideal for businesses that carry expensive equipment. With hide-away storage facilities, you can conceal valuable equipment and restrict the risk of theft or damage. 

Do you have any Renault Traffic storage ideas for vans you would like to share? Or maybe you are looking for a solution to a problem and not sure what to do. Why not contact us and speak with our creative experts. 

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