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Types of Ford Transit Van Height 

15 August 2022

For anybody looking to invest in a work van for their business, the roof height is an important metric to consider. For some occupations, the Transit van height, together with other Ford Transit dimensions, offers a number of advantages. 

However, the more height you purchase, the higher the price. In this article, we look at the Transit van height for each of Ford’s commercial vans. This will help you to make an informed purchasing decision and determine which model is best for your business. 

The Transit van height is so impressive, that you can stand up in the rear – even if you’re a tower. Ranging from 5.7 to 9.1, the step in height of the Ford Transit van range is one of the tallest interiors of any commercial van. With a roof height of 6.1 most people will be able to stand up on one of the smaller models – and comfortably in the medium-sized vans. 

The height of the van roof, however, depends on what you need the van for. It’s worth bearing in mind that space in commercial vans often goes unused. You’re therefore spending more for a tall van you may not even use. 

How tall is a Transit Van?

With over 8 million vehicles driven off a forecourt, the Ford Transit van is the third highest-selling commercial van of all time. At the moment there are four Transit models that are commonly used by tradesmen and various other businesses. 

Ford Transit Van Height – H2 8.1 / H3 9.1

The Ford Transit is a leader in its class and the tallest in the Transit range. It’s built for the toughest jobs, storing tall cargo and retrieving goods with ease. With a roof height of either 8.1 or 9.1, there’s plenty of standing room. Installing customised van racking solutions could enhance your cargo space to an impressive 497.4 cubic feet. 

Transit Custom Van Height – H1 6.6 / H2 7.8

The Transit Custom falls into the medium van range. But with a roof height of 6.6 for the H1 and 7.8 for the H2, it offers a generous load space. With the right configuration, the spacious interior can be enhanced to take advantage of Transit van height. 

Racking makes the mid-range Ford Transit ideal for tradesmen that want to be able to stand upright to retrieve tools or even work in the rear of your van. 

Transit Connect Van Height – 6.1

Heading into the small van range, the Transit Connect is the bridge between the Custom and Courier – the lowest Ford Transit van height. Given the Transit Connect is categorised as a small van, a 6.1 roof height is pretty incredible. 

It has also been noted by that the Transit Connect is blessed with a tall cabin which provides plenty of headroom for tall people sitting up front. 

Transit Courier Van Height – 5.7

The Transit Courier is the smallest of the range but is still a good addition to a business fleet. Ford designed this compact model for ”navigating narrow streets, parking in tight spaces and run arounds for business fleets.”

The Courier’s smaller dimensions help to make the van highly manoeuvrable, but a roof height of 5.7 still gives you sufficient cargo space. Taller people will have to stoop but the Courier is targeted towards – well, couriers. 

Why Is Ford Transit Van Height Important

The Transit van height is one of the selling points of the Ford commercial vehicles. Ford has designed four models but essentially offers six Transit van heights. This impressive range means every business has access to cargo that is suitable for their business. 

The Ford Transit height also means the loadspace can be ramped up. The Ford Transit H3, for example, will give you almost 488 cubic feet of space if you configure it properly. This loadspace is practically unparalleled by its competitors. 

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