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What You Need To Know About Ford Transit Dimensions

22 March 2022

If you perform onsite service and repair work or deliver goods, finding the right van for your business is an important decision. The amount of interior space and the volume capacity have a direct impact on your profitability. In this regard, the Ford Transit Van has been the best-selling cargo van in the UK since 1984. Ford’s reputation for reliability and stability on the road naturally makes the Transit a firm favourite with professionals. 

Ford Transit van dimensions also offer plenty of interior space and a generous payload – although some other models have more options. You also have the option to increase the inside dimensions by installing Ford Transit racking

To maximise the potential of your work van, and to cut down on costs, it’s useful to understand Ford Transit van dimensions. The vehicles come in a variety of body lengths and heights which obviously determine how much cargo space you have together with the amount of payload you are legally entitled to carry.

The most important ford transit van dimension to take note of is the wheelbase. There are four types: 

  • Short-wheel base – SWB L2
  • Medium-wheel base – MWB or L3
  • Long – LWB or L4
  • Extra-large – EL or L4H4

Ford Transit Van Wheel Base Dimensions?

It’s important to understand the wheel dimensions of Ford Transits vans because they impact your storage space. If you’re towing equipment, you also need to know whether the wheelbase will keep the tow stable. 

The size of the wheelbase may also determine the height of the van you purchase. Larger vans with higher roofs are, more expensive. So keep this in mind. 

The wheelbase dimensions of a standard Ford Transit van has a load width of 1,784mm. This is narrowed to 1,154mm between the wheel arches are the rear two wheels. 

Ford Transit dimensions with a low roof are 1,786mm and the high roof is 2,215mm. You can increase the inside dimensions to 2,946mm with an SWB model. This will give you a load capacity of 10 cubic metres with a low roof and 11.2 cubic metres with a high roof. 

The medium wheelbase gives you, even more, load space – 11.5 cu m with a low roof and 13 cu m with a high roof. You can raise this to 15.1 cu m with an EL Ford Transit which only comes with a high roof.  

How to Improve Ford Transit Dimensions

Whilst the Ford Transit van’s inside dimensions are impressive, they can be improved. A simple solution is to remove the front passenger seat. This will increase your payload by 1.36 cu m. 

Installing a Ford Transit custom racking system will maximise the interior space even more. Van racking is the best way to make the most of the Ford Transit van inside dimensions. 

With a well-designed racking system, you may not need to shell out extra cash for a larger vehicle.

For some businesses, it’s far more cost-effective to maximise the space of a smaller van by installing shelves drawers and false floors. Van racking solutions give you multiple storage options. And, with our innovative solutions, you can recover some of the space you lose between the wheel arches. 

For example, a wheel arch cover built into a shelving system enables you to install storage space around the wheelbase and directly above. This means you use the wall space that might ordinarily be lost. 

To improve the efficiency of the interior space, we also recommend installing shelving dividers so that you can organise the back of your van easily. This makes it easy to locate your tools, goods and clothing. 

You can also build drawers into your shelving to prevent your cargo from moving around. This protects your equipment from damage. It can also secure your most expensive items by fitting drawers with anti-theft locks.

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