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Cost-Effective Storage Solutions: Plastic Storage Containers

29 August 2022

Plastic containers are an ideal storage solution for tradespeople and certain businesses with mobile workshops. If you intend to design a racking system to enhance the efficiency and profitability of your work’s van, you can’t afford to overlook plastic storage containers. 

It’s a no-brainers real. Whether you need small or large plastic containers, they are lightweight, highly durable, cost-effective and flexible. Available in a range of different colours you can also coordinate your van storage system to make it easy to find specific tools and accessories. 

For professional tradespeople, organising a mobile workshop can be overwhelming – especially if you don’t know where to start. To make things even more complicated, there is no single van-racking solution that works for everybody. A florist, for example, will not be able to effectively work with the same van racking system as a carpenter and vice versa. 

When it comes to organising your mobile workshop, it might be helpful if you observe how you have organised your hardware in your physical space. You will use plastic storage containers for a mobile workshop in the same way you do in a workshop, garage or basement. 

However, the key difference is how plastic containers are fitted and organised in the back of your vehicle. Gaining easy access is the first thing to keep in mind. An essential part of building an effective storage system is creating a solid foundation. Knowing how to best use plastic containers for storage is a good starting point.

Bins and Plastic Storage Containers

Van racking solutions have to perform a function that best serves your purposes. Small large plastic containers are ideal for storing loose items such as screws, nails and washers etc. For plumbers, carpenters and electricians. plastic storage containers are the best van accessories to your racking system. 

Plastic storage containers are available in modular systems. They may be suitable for some people, but custom racking is always the best option if functionality is a priority. With built-in accessories where you most need them, you have convenient options to store more tools and materials you rely on every day. 

For example, a plastic pegboard attached to the interior side of your rear door can be used to hang everyday tools such as hammers, spanners and screwdrivers. If you have a high van with a comfortable standing height, you can even install a retractable workbench and position a pegboard above it for easy access to relevant tools. 

You can also use plastic storage containers as a wall-mount organiser. This is a cost-effective alternative to installing metal or wooden racking to house plastic containers in which you’re storing your accessories. You also create more space to manoeuvre by hanging plastic storage bins rather than a shelving rack. Small plastic containers will give you multiple pockets of up to 44-pieces. 

Large Plastic Containers for storage

Large plastic containers can be used as drawers, bins or portable boxes. They are an ideal addition to van racking systems that will benefit from hardware storage cabinets. 

There are several storage options when customising mobile workshops. Large plastic containers are uniformly square, which makes them easy to store in rectangular spaces without leaving gaps in the corners. 

Large plastic storage containers are also easy to stack. So if you’re transporting goods you need to load and offload from the back of your cargo van, large plastic containers for storage use are the best solution. 

Plastic storage containers can enhance your mobile workshop in many ways. Some businesses and professional tradespeople can’t afford to ignore it. If you’re looking to create an efficient and effective racking system for your mobile workshop, plastic storage containers help to keep the cost down and will last for many years. 

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