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Why Do You Need Cargo Van Storage Bins

16 March 2022

Van storage bins are an essential van accessory for businesses that carry a diverse range of cargo. With the right design and labeling, storage bins organise your cargo van and help to make your business more efficient. Without a structured storage system, keeping the cargo in the rear of your van in good order is impossible.

Van shelving ideas provide a space for everything and enables you to find what you need immediately. Subsequently, you’re more productive and more profitable. 

Van storage bins also keep your cargo safe. With everything safely in its place, there is no risk of your parcels and equipment sliding around every time you turn a corner. Storage bins, therefore, protect your goods from being damaged. 

Cargo van storage bins come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be difficult to know which type of bins are most suitable for your van. In this article, we offer you some guidance by explaining how van storage bins can be used. 

We also recommend building van storage bins into a customised racking system. Cargo van bin storage is also a cost-effective solution to enhance standard van shelving that doesn’t fulfill all your requirements.

The Best Cargo Storage Bins for Small Vans

If your business has a small van, you have to be pretty savvy to make the best use of your space. Some van storage bins can provide a cost-effective answer over drawers and shelving. 

Small plastic bins

Are ideals for depositing waste in whilst you’re on the job. You can store the tools and equipment – such as gloves, overalls etc – that you will need for the day. Small bins don’t take up a lot of room and can even make more room. 

Plastic van storage bins are lightweight so won’t significantly impact your payload. This can make a real difference if you rely on a small van to maximise your business. 

Open boxes stored on shelf racking

These are ideal for businesses that want easy access to your cargo. You don’t need to concern yourself with open draws or doors. Boxes come in a range of sizes so a mixture gives you plenty of options to comfortably store small and larger items.

However, it’s worth noting that storage boxes tend to be bigger and weigh more than storage bins. Whilst you can stack them on top of one another, the alternative option is to install a deep bin. Whilst this means organising how you stock your van, it will provide you with more space.

Van storage bins also come with lids, so keep your cargo more secure – especially if you are piling goods on top of one another.

Storage Bins for Larger Cargo Vans

Large and medium-sized vans can obviously carry more cargo than smaller models. However, if you don’t maximise the use of your cargo space, your work van is not achieving its full potential. And nor is your business. 

To make your van more efficient and profitable, we recommend installing a combination of shelves, false floors, drawers and van storage bins. Van false floor storage provides you with drawer space whilst simultaneously raising the height of your van so you also use space at the top.

Van storage bins complement van shelving. You can attach storage bins to the end racks for easy access. This is ideal for workers that tend to pop back and forth for certain equipment whilst you’re on a job. You can also fit large storage bins onto flat shelving and use them to store items instead of using a box or drawers.

The options are there, but your choice depends on your business needs, preferences and budget. Feel free to ask our experts for advice. 

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