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What To Consider For The Best Van Ramp Installation?

21 July 2021

Are you contemplating transforming your van into a mobile workshop? If so, you may want to consider installing a van ramp to make your life easier. A van ramp installation is a really useful accessory for professionals that need to carry heavy equipment (in and out of their van). 

Repeated heavy lifting is one of the leading causes of back pain in the UK. And if you damage or strain your back muscles, it can cause long-term damage. And that could mean a loss of livelihood.

Van ramp installations are also subject to strict safety regulations. Failure to adhere to the guidelines could cause an injury, which will make you liable for damages. But… What should you consider when installing a ramp for the back of your van? In this blog post you will find  some guidance on van ramps!

Key Considerations for Van Ramp

Like any other adaptation to your van, the first consideration is the size of your van. Different types of ramps are best suited to specific types of vans. This should always be the first question you ask. But let’s get into the nitty-gritty! 

Length, Height and Width 

The dimensions of the ramp are vitally important. From a safety perspective, using a ramp with the wrong height, length or width can be dangerous. Especially if it is not suitable for the equipment you are loading and unloading into your van. 

For a ramp to be safe, the length should correspond with the loading height – from the floor of your van to the concrete. This makes sure the foot of your ramp sits flush to the road and, of course, makes for an easier loading experience. 

What’s more, if you select a van ramp that is not fit for purpose, you could invalidate the warranty. 

Loading Capacity

Van ramps have to be able to take the weight of the equipment you are loading. Capacities range from 300kg to 1500kg. If you overload a van ramp it could break and injure somebody. 

Storage & Transport

Van ramp installations are heavily reliant on storage space. You need a ramp that will fit in the back of your van. Fortunately, there are different sizes and styles of the ramp to choose from. This enables you to troubleshoot potential problems. 

If you need a ramp with a long length, a folding ramp will be the best option. However, these take up more width space in your van. Well, designed racking and shelving solves that issue. Shorter ramps can easily slide into dedicated racks.

If you are lifting heavy goods, channel ramps are the best solution . They are solid and sturdy but also compact so store away comfortably. There is one other option, of course!

Van ramp installation

If you’re using the ramp regularly, you may want to consider ramp installations. They are a convenient alternative to removable ramps you store in the back of your van. Van ramp installations give you the benefit of convenience.

All you have to do is pull them out and push them back in. The options available are heavy-duty ramps, twisty folding ramps and standard folding ramps. The designs are also universal, so don’t require any modifications. 

Other Key Features of Van Ramp Installations

If a van ramp installation rather than a removable ramp is your preference, there are a couple of other things to consider. 

  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Adaptability to any commercial vehicle.

All the van ramps we offer at Tecnolam are manufactured to the highest grade, comply with CE road safety and building regulations and are guaranteed for 36 months. For more information contact us today! 

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