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Van Security Systems as a Solution for Professionals

16 July 2021

How much would you say the tools and equipment in the back of your van are worth? £3000, £4000, maybe more? Tools of the trade and the equipment you invest in prior to starting a job are costly. What’s more, they are sought after commodities that thieves can sell on fairly easily. 

According to police statistics, the number of thefts involving commercial vans is on the rise. Almost 12,000 incidents were reported in 2020. Fortunately, there are several effective solutions. Investing in van security systems helps professionals and businesses protect their assets.

Not only that, but the van security tips we suggest at Tecnolam also help you to keep your tools and equipment organised and securely fastened. Improving your van security helps to protect your tools and equipment from thieves. Read on to discover our van security tips!

Best Van Security Tips

Looking to invest in a new van? Or upgrade the security on your current mobile workshop? If so, you may want to think about prioritising security. The majority of vans for professionals come with a basic alarm system installed as standard. However, basic security systems are rarely effective at keeping criminals at bay.

Category 2 security systems also include an immobiliser. However, category 1 – the top-level – features an alarm and sensors that detect breaking glass or unusual vehicle movement. You can also get a vehicle tracking device. These devices use GPS which can be tracked from your mobile phone or on a computer at base camp – the missus.

In addition to van security systems, you can heighten the vigilance of your van by taking practical measures: 

  • Don’t leave valuables inside your van.
  • Park in areas covered by CCTV cameras.
  • Make your staff aware of van security.

Van Security Systems

There are also plenty of simple and affordable measures you can take to enhance the security of your assets. Modifying your mobile workshop with innovative racking and van shelving ideas prevents your tools, equipment and van from damage.

Even basic configurations help to protect your things and keep them secure. For example, lockable tool boxes not only act as a deterrent to thieves, but prevent your tools from sliding around in the back of your van.

Locking expensive equipment in secure storage boxes, also helps to keep your van tidy and organised. Everything has its place, so you won’t waste time searching for tools you haphazardly threw in the back of your van. 

Ladders strapped to the roof of a van are a prime target for thieves. Because you don’t need ladders for every job, they are often left on the roof where they are susceptible. Lockable clamps provide a simple solution.

A steering lock is another simple solution that often gets overlooked. However, there are better methods of making it difficult for thieves to access your van in the first place. 

Types of Van Security Solutions

Deadlocks are becoming more popular among tradesmen. Their heavy-duty designs can withstand crowbar attacks so provide more protection for your van. 

A deadlock can only be accessed with the corresponding key. They are made from a single metal locking bolt that is fastened to the rear door and connected to the panel wall of the van. This design effectively doubles the lock security and, of course,makes it impossible for intruders to force the door open with a crowbar. 

By installing efficient van security, your vehicle and its contents are at less risk of going missing. Heightened security measures will also help to reduce your insurance payments too! And don’t forget to install van racking, shelving and lockable boxes to keep your equipment safe and secure.

Our shelving systems come with a 36-month warranty!

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