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Storage and Van Racking Ideas for Carpenters and Craftsmen

16 February 2022

Designing van racking ideas for carpenters is one of the most difficult challenges. The racking layout has to accommodate a wide variety of tools and materials of different lengths. Fortunately, we have creative racking solutions for carpenter vans. In this blog post, we have a few innovative designs we would like to share with you. 

Racking allows you to make the best use of space in your van. It gives you more room for manoeuvre, keeps your tools and materials organised and presents a good image to your customers. The progressive ideas we create at Tecnolam, also makes it easy and convenient for you to perform your job on-site. 

These van racking ideas for carpenters help to improve the functionality of your van, protect your assets and save time.

Storage Solutions for Large Plywood

Carpenters often have trouble fitting large pieces of wood into the back of a disorganised van. The other issue is that loose pieces of plywood can get thrown around. This can scratch the surface. 

The solution is to install a false floor at the bottom of your mobile workshop. This creates plenty of storage space that is ideal for placing flat materials. 

False beds can also be padded to protect the wood from scratches, dents and splintering. For easy access to your storage, create a removable hatch at the rear of your van in case any shorter pieces have been thrown to the front. 

The issue with creating a false bed is it takes up a fair amount of your storage space. The alternative option for storing plywood is to attach supporting beams across the roof to make full use of your van space. 

The Ultimate Mobile Workshop

Don’t you just hate it when you have to return to the workshop to cut a piece of wood down to size? So imagine how convenient it will be if you have a full-length workbench in your van. 

Installing a workbench in the back of your van is fairly simple. Moreover, you can pull it out so that cutting large pieces of wood is practical. Simply use the rest of your van floor to support the wood whilst you make your cut.

You can also strengthen the workbench by attaching foldable legs. Make sure the legs are adjustable though. You can’t always guarantee the surface you will be working on will be even – like if you’re parked on a hill. Trying to cut wood on a wonky workbench is not good fun. 

There are two ways to design a slideable workbench to ensure you have plenty of space to work on. The pull-out can either be the entire length of your van. Or it can be half of the size and the other half of your van makes up a full workbench. 

The design depends largely on how wide you want the workbench to be in relation to your other shelving and racking options. Remember, that if you are using the back of your van as a workbench there has to be enough room to slide pieces of wood in between the storage units. 

You will also need to use heavy-duty rails or gliders that have the capacity to support the bench once it’s extended. As you’re sawing you will be applying pressure on the sliders. If the build is strong enough, you will be able to use your mitre saw without any danger.

Van Racking Ideas for Carpenters from Tecnolam

Tecnolam takes pride in creating innovative van racking ideas for carpenters and craftsmen. We have a wide range of van racking system and shelving that help to keep your tools organised and secure. Our range of van racking ideas includes: 

  • Lightweight aluminium.
  • Racking bays.
  • A variety of shelves and drawers.
  • Dividers.
  • Tool holders.
  • Secure and removable boxes.

Do you have any van racking ideas for carpenters? Why not let us know your top tips in the comments field below. It would be great to hear from you!

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