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The Meaning of Ford Transit Van Warning Lights

17 October 2022

If you rely on your van to earn living, keeping the vehicle in good working order costs less over the long term. If your Ford Transit warning lights come on, it’s time to address potential problems lurking under the bonnet or the undercarriage. 

The warning lights on a Transit van are there to let you know that something requires attention. The symbols light up in different colours to inform you of the severity of the issue; amber lets you know the issue needs addressing sooner rather than later and red is the last ditch saloon. Don’t leave it any longer. 

Ford Transit van dashboard warning light symbols relate to the most important mechanisms of safety features of the vehicle. It’s, therefore, important to understand what the warning lights on a Ford Transit van mean. 

Ford Transit Van Warning Lights

The warning lights on a Ford Transit van will inform you if you should stop driving and pull over. One of the most important lights on the dashboard is the symbol of a spanner. 

If this shows up in amber (or in some models orange or yellow), Ford is recommending that you take the van in for service. If this symbol turns red, immediate action is required. 

Other important symbols to watch out for are the exclamation mark on the handbrake and the ABS symbol. The exclamation light will come on automatically when the car is parked and you have the handbrake off. 

Ordinarily, the light will switch off when you release the handbrake. If it stays on whilst you’re driving, it’s warning you there is a malfunction in the braking system. This issue should be dealt with as a matter of urgency. 

ABS brakes are crucial for emergency stops. These advanced braking systems have made roads much safer. So if the ABS warning lights in a Transit van come on, you should get your brake pads changed as soon as possible. 

Some drivers may wait for this light to turn red. But if you’re carrying expensive cargo you could risk damaging goods. The only way to avoid damaging cargo when braking hard is to install Ford Transit Custom racking ideas.  

Other Transit Van Warning Lights To Watch 

Safety is important for all drivers. Maintaining your van to the correct health and safety standards is arguably more important for business owners. If one of your employees suffers serious injury in an accident, you could be sued for damages. 

Businesses have a responsibility to ensure fleet vehicles are properly maintained. Important Ford Transit van dashboard warning light symbols to watch out for include the airbag, stability control and tyre pressure. Don’t leave these warning lights to turn red.

There are also Ford Transit van warning lights you should watch out for to prevent causing damage to the vehicle. The coolant light will come on when the engine is overheating. When this happens, pull over and rest the engine for a while. 

If the oil warning light comes on, replace the oil. If the oil temperature runs high, or if the pressure is too low, it can cause irreparable and expensive damage to the engine. You should change the oil when this light turns to amber. 

If you see a cog with an exclamation mark, it means there is a problem with the powertrain. When left unaddressed this will cause your car to lose power. This could impact how much cargo you can carry safely. This warning light is even more crucial if you’ve installed a van racking system to increase your load capacity. 

Tecnolam not only install van racking systems, but we also consider the safety and comfort of our customers. The better you know your van, the better it will serve your business. 

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