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Maximise Your Works Van With Easy Install Shelving

10 October 2022

Easy-to-install shelving (or easy shelves), helps commercial van drivers to organise their work vans. A well-designed van shelving system keeps the back of your van tidy and makes it easier to find tools, equipment and goods. 

An efficient work van makes your business more productive and profitable. But whilst upfitting commercial vans has a number of benefits, installing a storage system can be complicated. 

Ideally, the materials and the system you choose should make it easy to put up shelves. If you’re considering upfitting your van with easy-to-install shelving, this article gives you a few pointers. 

Aluminium – Easy Shelves To Install

Aluminium is the most popular choice for a van racking system. Because it’s flexible and lightweight, aluminium is the most easy shelves to install. 

Aluminium racking systems are also robust and long-lasting. So these easy-to-install shelving solutions last for many years and can be transferred to new vans with minimal effort. 

One thing to consider is whether to custom design your own shelving or purchase modular shelving. Bear in mind that modular shelving has fixed dimensions. A custom design gives you more flexibility but makes it less easy to put up shelves. 

You also need to consider whether you will add drawers or cabinets. Some workers prefer to keep some tools and materials in secure boxes. For example, if you have small and fiddly items such as nails or washers, dedicated drawers are ideal. 

You can also add other easy-to-install the best van accessories to your shelving. 

Easy Install Shelving

Unless you have the proper equipment, it’s not so easy to put up shelves in the back of a commercial van. The pointers below will help you to avoid common pitfalls and save time and effort.

The first thing to note is that not all easy shelving installations are the same. The design largely depends on your industry. You should also bear in mind, your personal preferences and the way you work. Convenience is one of the benefits of a well-organised racking system. 

Bear this in mind when you are searching the internet for design ideas. You will inevitably find dozens of easy-to-install shelving ideas. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they will work for your business.  For example:

  • Carpenters, plumbers and electricians can benefits from similar-sized storage boxes for your tools but need different size shelving to store your respective equipment.
  • Couriers, gardeners and florists will need an entirely different setup altogether.

So the first rule of thumb, is to design a racking system that makes it easy to put up shelves that are the right size for your tools. You may also want to consider reserving a space for your essential tools where you can access them conveniently. For example, can you hang hooks on the back of the door van or on the side edges of your shelving? 

As briefly mentioned above, consider the weight of your shelving system because it will impact your payload and fuel consumption. But it will also influence how much it costs to install your racking system. Metal is lighter than wood – but more expensive. 

Aluminium and steel are typically the preferred choices. They are both strong, durable and easier to work with than wood. Metal also makes it easier to put up shelves because it is lighter than wood.  

Before you start installing your shelving system, make a plan. Start by measuring the dimensions of your van. And remember to leave sufficient space to move around and access tools. If you don’t have enough leg and arm space, it will make it difficult to load and unload tools and equipment. 

The final thing to consider when fitting easy shelves is the installation process itself. Remember, that you are investing time and money on your racking system. You want to be assured that the installation process with be quick, efficient and cost-effective. 

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