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Van Conversion Parts For Practicality and Security

24 October 2022

The commercial vans on the UK market are designed to enhance security and practicality. We’ve been pretty impressed by the uptick in accessories over the last decade. 

However, manufacturers rarely provide businesses with the best van parts that really improve you can on a practical or security level. 

If you’re a tradesperson or own a business fleet, it could be worth your while to invest in van conversion parts. Improving the practicality of your van can help to make your business more profitable. It also enhances the safety of your drivers. 

Improving security also helps to protect your assets. Whilst your van may be covered by the insurance, you could be losing income – and your temper – waiting for compensation to arrive. 

There are all kinds of van parts and accessories you can install to improve commercial vehicles. In this article, we will take a look at just a few suggestions to pique your interest. 

Van parts in the UK are available to buy online or from relevant stockists. But you can also access them through van racking specialists like Tecnolam. 

Work Van Interior Conversion Parts

Installing van parts in the interior of your van can help to improve comfort and enable you to work more efficiently. For example, you can optimise the load space of your van with a customised or modular racking system. 

Shelves, cupboards and drawers provide you with dedicated compartments for all your tools and accessories. Metal storage boxes are also a good idea for couriers transporting fragile goods. You can stack boxes on top of each other and strap them in to keep them secure. 

For businesses with bulky or expensive equipment, we recommend installing a false floor with drawers. Alternatively, if you use long items such as metal pipes, attaching a roof rack is a good option. 

In addition, you can install van parts in the UK that improve the functioning of the vehicle. For example, parking sensors give you more vision when parking in tight spaces. Sensors are great for van drivers that have reduced visibility due to a bulkhead or full stock of cargo in the back. 

A GPS tracking device is also a useful van part for commercial businesses. Commercial vans are a target for thieves. According to the RAC, 30 work vans are stolen every day in the UK. 

Best Parts for Work Van Exterior

A works van represents your business. You, therefore, want your vehicle to project a good reflection of your brand. Vamping up the exterior with cool van conversion parts can help to impress and attract customers. 

Alloy wheels always draw attention. They also help to reduce the weight of the vehicle which potentially enables you to increase the payload. Carrying an extra box could be the difference between making one trip or two. 

Attaching rear steps is a great way to ease the burden of lifting for your workers. Or if you have a mobile workshop and enter your van often, a rear step makes it easier to get in and out. 

Alternatively, install a loading van ramp. A loading ramp is essential for wheeling heavy or bulky items into the back of your van. Ramps help to improve the safety of your employees by significantly reducing the risk of injury. 

Another way of lowering the risk of van theft is to fit van locks on the doors. Modern van locks are designed to be unbreakable and cannot be leveraged off with a lever. They also serve as a visual deterrent to opportunist thieves that are passing by. 

The team at Tecnolam is always looking for fresh and innovative ideas to help improve your work’s van. What are the best van parts you’ve fitted to your van? 

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