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How to set up a van loading ramp?

7 July 2021

If you are wondering what a van loading ramp is you are in the right place. It is a very useful accessory for vans because it allows you to carry everything you want inside the compartment with less effort.

All our accessories and products are made with the best materials, always designed for those who work and above all for a net improvement of working potential.

The van loading ramp is specially created to entice you to improve and is also perfect for bringing everything you need onto the van.

Most of the equipment on the market is designed with the worker in mind, specifically to make his day easier. But if there is one that stands out above the others, it is the loading and unloading ramp.

And if you are thinking of equipping your van as a mobile workshop, we want to help you evaluate the different options that exist to provide good service to your customers.

What are the characteristics of the van loading ramp?

Loading and unloading ramps must have some features that can help those who own them improve their work. Let’s see them in detail:


A loading and unloading ramp must be solid because it will have to carry significant weights and therefore must have solidity and this mainly concerns the materials used.

– Quick and easy assembly

Quick and easy assembly is one of the features required for a loading and unloading ramp. In fact, Tecnolam has an exceptional feature that is it manages to create products that are easy to assemble and use and above all practical.

– It is adaptable to any commercial vehicle

It was created to be perfect for any commercial vehicle and especially all Vans brands of various sizes. Find out how to van racking your van according to size.

What is a loading ramp for in the van?

Placing a hydraulic ramp for a machine shop will help you unload and load the machinery, tools or material you will need to provide a service.

Thanks to this type of equipment you will be able to carry out your work more comfortably and efficiently and above all in the shortest possible time. In addition, they are very light and easy to fold, so it won’t take any effort for you to have a ramp.

Thanks to the ease of operation provided by the van loading ramp, you will not have to carry all the weight of the material or tool you need to use for your work. This directly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries at work.

At the same time, it reduces the likelihood of a valuable tool falling to the ground and eventually breaking. Having a hydraulic or conventional loading and unloading ramp in your van exponentially multiplies productivity. We always try to keep productivity high for our customers and build products suitable for this such as our bespoke van shelvings.

How to do the maintenance of the loading and unloading ramps?

The maintenance of both the hydraulic ramps and the loading and unloading ramps we offer does not require any maintenance. Our van loading ramps are made of a very light, highly resistant aluminum alloy.

Therefore, you will not have to carry out maintenance operations to improve the good condition of your ramp. Of course, ordinary cleaning will always be welcome and will give your customers a better image.

Before choosing the type of ramp for your van, review and compare the different options based on the load capacity it can handle. Depending on your business, one type or the other will be more convenient for you. So do a thorough analysis and stick with the one that best meets your needs.

Be that as it may, you should know that all our accessories are adapted to the equipment of vans. For any advice we remind you that you can easily request a free and tailored 3D quote for your van.

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