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Size for a van racking: how to choose?

18 February 2022

When thinking about van racking, you need to know that there are a number of information you will need to find just to get the most out of your van and van shelving equipment. Find how choose size for van racking.

Organizing a vehicle is not easy, for this reason it is necessary to contact van setup professionals like us. In this article we talk about van dimensions because it is also important to know these details for a van racking tailored to your needs.

Which size to choose for van racking?

Here we have arrived at the crucial point of our article, do not worry if you do not immediately have clear how to do it because by writing to us or simply calling us you will receive all the missing information.

What does van racking L1H1, van racking L2H2 mean?

You have already read all the words: van racking L1H1 or van racking L2H2 without knowing what you are talking about. It is true, seen in this way, in fact it may seem difficult but in reality their meanings and therefore what they represent are extremely simple.

The dimensions of the van that will be converted into a mobile atelier are mainly used by the producers in order to distinguish the different heights of the fourgon. The “L” is the length of the van and the “H” simply the height.

So if we are talking about a smaller van model in size, it will be an “L1H1” and if we are talking about a larger model and therefore with more capacious dimensions we are talking about a “L3H3”. There are also L3 and L4 and therefore based on the size of your van you can choose a tailor-made van racking and ask us what you need.

Tecnolam has always been attentive to the customer and therefore we wanted to explain to you specifically what these numbers mean and what is the specific purpose of distinguishing the dimensions. Also because these terms may be applicable to various van brands.

When we deal with van racking which size should we choose?


A small size, with vans suitable for every circumstance and every professionalism, perfect for equipment to be used daily. You can install one or more shelves inside and leave the other side of the fourgon free to avoid cluttering the compartment. In this case what can be done is specifically van setup the external behavior of the van, so we are talking about an equipment with door-all or stair-door for example.


In this case the length “L” as you can see is exactly the same but the height changes. So our advice is a vertical type van racking, very convenient for a profession even as a plumber if you have to place longer pipes or materials. A vertical setup in this case is what you need.


The “L2” dimension provides for a greater width and the height in this case is the basic one. However, thanks to its size, this fourgon gives you the opportunity to add more modular elements to the van racking. Thinking in this case of a tailor-made aménagement, you can have great satisfaction.


In this case we have a really complete model, it’s the one you will probably see most often on the road. The dimensions are ideal for any working profession. You can add various shelving, wheel arch covers, custom-made wardrobes and practical shelves.


In this case, we also recommend adding shelvings in height and why not practical shelves and containers. In later cases, such as a fourgon L3H2 or a L3H3, you may have some problems in parking or finding a suitable city space.

For a mobile workshop in general, we recommend medium vans so that they can be adapted to classic city life. In our opinion these vans are suitable as a mobile workshop precisely because they help you to carry your workshop around the city without giving you space problems.

We invite you to take a look at our practical catalog and request a free 3D quote so that you can see for yourself the result of your next van racking.

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