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Van Loading Ramps

Loading and unloading ramps for vans to improve your professionalism

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Tecnolam offers you the opportunity to obtain excellent loading and unloading ramps. The loading and unloading ramps can be present in various working environments, both on construction sites or even in the storage of various materials and also for loading and unloading goods. They help in the normal course of work on construction sites, factories and industries of various kinds. The loading ramps of vans are made by Tecnolam, so that the work is made easier and better organized and that the loading and unloading action is simple to carry out easily.

What are the characteristics of our loading and unloading ramps?

  • The ramps can be installed on any type of means of transport. Both small and large or articulated vehicles.
  • The ramps offer the opportunity to satisfy every pocket for every worker, with an excellent quality / price ratio.
  • The ramps are entirely in aluminum, Tecnolam in fact offers the highest quality materials.
  • The ramps are light and easy to fold.
  • The ramps do not need a foot and have a very robust hinge with a capacity of 700 kg
  • The ramps are equipped with non-slip rubber
  • They are available in different formats: 2 meters or 2.5 meters wide by 80 cm or 1 meter

What are the advantages of installing a loading and unloading ramp on your van?

  • In fact, it is possible to transport goods easily. It is possible to transport tools and work materials in order to facilitate one’s job and make less effort
  • The loading and unloading ramps allow you not to waste precious time and have less muscle pain due to moving goods
  • Comfort is one of the important priorities in the workplace especially when you have a mobile workshop
  • The ramps offer great safety during freight transport
  • The ramp does not need any ordinary maintenance other than normal cleaning between the moments of loading and unloading.

What are the types of Tecnolam ramps?

There are different types and models of loading ramps, among the most used there are certainly aluminum ramps, which guarantee great solidity in the use even of considerable loads and a light structure. There are models with double opening system or with horizontal opening or models that have a structure with a single element.

They are made of an aluminum alloy, which guarantees them extreme practicality in use. They also have a very high resistance to any type of effort or external intervention, even to highly corrosive chemical agents.

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Request a free 3D quote

Request a free 3D quote to have a perfect loading ramp for your van. Our staff is at your disposal to help you choose racking for your van or commercial vehicle.