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Ford Commercial Vehicles in the UK

27 June 2022

Whether you’re a professional tradesman, small business or growing medium-sized delivery service, Ford commercial vehicles in the UK provide suitable options for all types of businesses. 

If you’re looking for Ford van models for commercial users, check out the Transit range. There are three models; Transit, Transit Connect and Courier. All three Ford van models come with a selection of engine sizes, load space and payload – which is something to look out for.

Let’s take a quick look at the essentials.

Ford Commercial Vans: Ford Van Models

All of Ford’s commercial models come with a decent payload, ample storage space and car-like handling. The goal is to match the right Ford van model with your business needs and budget.

In the main, the full-size Ford Transit vans are ideal for tradesmen. However, that is not always the case. Commercial vehicles can be configured to seat two people and store equipment in the back. Or they can be configured as a passenger van and seat up to seven passengers.

The Ford Courier and Transit Connect are smaller but good options for small businesses and some tradesmen. They have impressive fuel efficiency and are easy to park. For example, if you need to maximise the storage space, installing a Ford Transit racking system is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a bigger van.

Ford Transit Courier Commercial Vehicles

The Ford Transit Courier is the smallest of Ford’s lineup of commercial vans in the UK. The design is ideal for navigating narrow roads and tight turns into back alleys. It also has car-like handling and parking capabilities. 

If you don’t need a large load space, but need to get from A-B quickly, the Courier is the best of Ford’s commercial vehicles. Boasting turbocharged engines (1.5 TDCi diesel or the 1.0L EcoBoost petrol), the Courier is fairly quick off the mark. But with a WLTP score of 57.6mpg also offers low running costs, 

Depending on the van model, Ford commercial vans offer a payload capacity of between 500-595kg and a load volume of 2.3 cubic metres. That’s pretty reasonable for a small van in the UK. If you need to maximise your storage space, take a look at these Ford Courier racking solutions.

Ford Transit Commercial Vans

The largest of the Ford Transit lineup is perfect for tradesmen, contractors and delivery services that need to carry a lot of cargo. This Ford van offers 15.1 cubic metres of storage space and a payload of up to 5.0 tonnes at the high end. Even at the lower end of the range, you get a load volume of 9.6 cubic metres and a 2.9 tonnes payload. 

Over the last few years, Ford commercial vans have been fitted with a turbodiesel engine with fuel economy in mind. This means you still get the power but with a 13% better fuel economy. With the cost of diesel and petrol in the current climate, the 2.0-litre EcoBlue engines help you to save money. Moreover, the tank will give you around 6000 miles between refills. 

Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van

Of all the Ford van models, the Ford Transit Connect is the most popular choice with commercial users. It’s slightly larger than the Ford Courier but smaller than the Transit. The design is intended to give small businesses the best of both worlds. 

However, the best of both worlds doesn’t always mean it’s the best option for your business. The Transit Connect has the worst WLTP fuel economy compared with other Ford commercial vans in the UK. The L1 records 46.5mpg whilst the L2 only delivers 45.6mpg. 

The saving grace is the Connect is fitted with a 60-litre fuel tank. This should give you a maximum range of around 370-380 miles between fills. If your business will benefit from drivers spending less time at the pump, the Courier pays dividends. In terms of payload, you get 3.5 cubic metres and a maximum payload of 876kg.

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