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Is The Renault Kangoo Van Big Enough For Your Needs?

15 June 2022

The Renault Kangoo is a multi-purpose van which has been among the best-sellers in Europe since 1997. Although the Kangoo is recognised as a popular choice in the small van sector, the Renault Kangoo van dimensions may not be big enough for your business needs. 

In this article, we take a look at the Renault Kangoo van’s dimensions and specifications. We’ll also provide useful examples to help you determine whether the dimensions of the Kangoo will serve your purpose. 

Of course, there are always ways of making a small van bigger with a custom racking system.

Is a Renault Kangoo a Van?

Although Renault advertises the Renault Kangoo van as having a “car-like ambience and comfort in the cabin”, the dimensions of the vehicle classify it as a van.

Renault Kangoo Specifications

The specifications of the Renault Kangoo van are pretty average as well. The engine power is only 95Hp and only revs at 3000-3750. This will get you from 0 to 60 in about 14 seconds. 

If you’re a tradesman, those specs are okay, but for delivery services, there are small vans with more grunt under the bonnet. However, the Kangoo does have an excellent fuel economy. The diesel engines promise 47-51mpg whilst the electric will deliver 120 miles on a single charge. 

Renault Kangoo Van Dimensions

The Renault Kangoo van’s dimensions depend on the model. The standard dimensions give you 3.0-3.6 cubic metres of load volume. That’s sufficient to store a single Europallet. 

The Renault Kangoo Maxi, on the other hand, offers 4.0-4.6 cubic metres of space and will hold two Euorpallets. We recommend investing in a version with folding seats to increase load volume to 3.5 cu m and 4.6 cu m respectively.  The payload for the standard model is 650kg, whilst the Maxi gives you 800kg. 

One of the issues some tradesmen experience with the Renault Kangoo van dimensions is that it does not give them much versatility. For example, there is not much space for gardeners to store all their equipment and van racking ideas

There are solutions, however. A racking system that utilises wall space for smaller items gives you more space to store heavier equipment on the floor. Ultimately, the organisation of your van is determined by the length and size of your tools.

Van Racking Ideas for Electricians

Electricians can save a significant amount of investment by purchasing a small van. However, we recommend enhancing the Renault Kangoo van dimensions with a sophisticated racking system. 

Our van racking ideas for electricians facilitate storage space with custom-made containers for small tools. Bulky equipment can be stored on shelves or on the floor. Installing shelves with wheel arch covers also enables you to utilise the entirety of your wall space.

Van Racking Ideas for Craftsmen

A mobile workshop for carpenters is the most complex storage system to design. A small van with the dimensions of the Renault Kangoo may not ordinarily be the best option for carpenters. 

However, there are van racking ideas for carpenters that help to make the Renault Kangoo van dimensions bigger. The racking layout needs to have varying lengths to accommodate varying sizes of tools. 

To create more space, installing a false floor gives you plenty of storage options. Pull out drawers on the false floor also makes it easy to access your equipment. Meanwhile, you can stack racking to the underside of the roof and utilise the height space. 

Whilst the Renault Kangoo dimensions and specifications are modest, a racking system is a cost-effective option. It costs less to maximise your space than it does to invest in a larger van. 

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