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Work Van Flooring Ideas For Your Professional Workshop

4 July 2022

Installing appropriate flooring in your work van is a good idea for several reasons. It protects your van and equipment from damage and reduces noise. Most importantly, the best work van flooring ideas will help to avoid potential accidents and injuries.

If you’re contemplating upfitting your work’s van with a custom racking system, consider installing suitable flooring first. The floor is the foundation on which a racking system is built. If you install flooring as an afterthought, you will need to remove the racking and replace it again. 

We have several van flooring ideas for all types of industries. Our contractor-grade products and custom storage solutions are manufactured to be durable and time-resistant. 

Together with a variety of work van shelving ideas, high-quality floor panels improve the aesthetics of your van. With accessories including drawers, cabinets, partitions and bins, you can better organise your work van. 

Work Van Flooring Ideas

The materials used in the manufacturing of commercial vans rarely take into account safety and protection for everyday use. Whilst modern commercial vehicles are crash-resistant, the majority are not fitted with appropriate flooring solutions. There is no way to prevent slipping or damaging your bodywork when you drop a hammer. 

Metal floors present a potential safety hazard. Companies that work with liquids or chemicals should ideally install 12mm phenolic marine plywood with aluminium edges that have been treated with special non-slip, anti-mould and anti-scratch resins. Wood is also impermeable to liquids and easy to wipe to clean. 

Another type of work van flooring is rubberised van mats. They are designed to prevent slips and can be cut to fit around wheelbases. Rubber van flooring ideas give you some flexibility and are easy to install.

The final option is a composite van floor. This type of van flooring combines anti-slip rubber that has been enhanced to withstand general wear and tear. It gives you the same benefits as rubber flooring ideas but will last longer.

Easy clean van flooring ideas

The UK weather is often wet. When you traipse water and mud into the back of the van with a metal floor, the chances of slipping are optimal. Slips can cause nasty injuries that put you and your staff out of work for a while. 

Floors that are easy to clean make it easier for you to maintain a professional image as well. We recommend installing a marine plywood floor that is easy to wipe down and won’t be damaged by water. 

Work van flooring ideas for safety

The primary reason for installing appropriate van flooring is for safety purposes; for people and to protect your tools and materials. If you spend a lot of time in the back of your van, rubber floor mats with a diamond tread give you extra grip and added comfort. If you drop any tools, rubber softens the impact and prevents damage. 

The alternative option is to fit runners so that you can slide pallets in and out easily. This type of flooring is ideal for delivery services that collect shipments intended for Fulfilment centres. 

Van flooring ideas for more storage space

Another benefit of fitting appropriate flooring in the back of your work’s van is to create more space. Our van storage ideas include van drawers false floor which increase your storage capacity. 

False floors are ideal for storing larger items that take up space in the back of your van and block access. Storing large items out of sight keeps them out of your way. Adding pull-out drawers also gives you easy access.

Partition flooring ideas for noise reduction

Work vans without a racking system are not only untidy, but they’re also loud. Equipment grates across metal surfaces. The sound can be unbearable for passengers. Installing a rubber floor prevents cargo from sliding and significantly reduces annoying noises.

You wouldn’t believe how much a simple work van flooring solution improves the workability of your van. 

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