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Do You Need Ford Transit Connect Racking?

6 April 2022

The Ford Transit Connect is a cost-effective and practical vehicle for numerous UK businesses. It’s no surprise Transit Connect is typically used as a benchmark for tradesmen investing in a mobile workshop. 

But for all its features and benefits, there is no interior in the Ford Transit Connect racking. Ford Connect racking would make your mobile workshop even more practical. Plus much more. Van racking makes your work days more organised so that your business can be more profitable. 

And the good news is that Ford Transit vans are one of the easiest to configure. Ford Transit Connect van racking, therefore, represents a good investment. 

Van racking helps to keep the rear of your work van neat and tidy. This saves your equipment from sliding around and potentially causing damage. It’s noit unheard of for broken equipment and materials to cost business in excess of hundreds or even thousands of pounds a year. 

Ford Transit Connect racking also makes your van more functional. Everything has its place and is easier to find. We recommend installing custom aluminium shelves and drawers because of their lighter weight. Lightweight racking is better for fuel economy and your payload.

Ford Transit Custom Racking 

Installing tailor-made Transit Connect racking gives you more options than modular racking. Custom racking gives you more scope to design a storage system that works best for your needs.  

Customised storage space can also be profitable for your business – especially delivery firms. The Transit Connect has a payload of between 6-6.8 cubic metres – which is not much less than some mid-sized panel vans. 

However, to make the best use of the space, we recommend installing shelving or drawers with arch covers to make the best use of the space you have. This enables you to use space that might otherwise go underutilised. 

You can even make use of unused space around the roof. Floor to ceiling racking is one option. You could also install a storage rack for your ladders on either the underside of the roof or on the exterior. What’s important is that the van racking is designed with a focus on functionality.  

Custom racking for Ford Transit vans can be modified over time. You can start small and build it up as and when needed or when you have the budget to add more pieces. You can also transfer custom racking to another van and modify it as required. That way, custom Ford Transit Connect racking has longevity regardless of the type and model of van you buy next.

Transit Connect Van Racking Ideas

Optimising the storage capacity of your mobile workshop is often a primary goal. Most businesses can benefit from organising your tools, equipment and accessories in dedicated spaces. 

Modules and drawers with dividers are the best solutions for Transit Connect van racking. They are especially useful for tradesmen that carry lots of small pieces such as screws, washers and small hand tools etc. Modules and drawers don’t take up much room considering the number of materials you can fit into them. 

Safety and comfort are important considerations for small vans as well. As you would expect with any small van, Transit Connect van racking should be designed with safety and comfort in mind. For example, adding a bulkhead partition make the cabin more comfortable. It would also protect passengers from getting injured by unsecured heavy cargo if you were forced to slam on the emergency brakes. 

Securing expensive equipment with locking doors and secret compartments is not out of the question either. With the rise of tool theft in the UK, it would be a wise decision for business owners that carry expensive equipment to protect your assets.

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