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What To Look For In The Best Small Vans in the UK

14 April 2022

Judging the best small vans in the UK is a subjective exercise. For most van drivers, the type of van you purchase for your business comes down to personal preference, the needs of your business and budget. 

On that basis, we’re not going to publish a list of the best small vans in the UK. We’ll leave that to the professionals like the guys over at Whatcar. However, what we will do is list some of the features to look out for so that you can determine what’s the best option for your business needs. 

There are aspects of investing in a business vehicle that you should consider – especially if you’re thinking of adding van racking. And it is worth bearing in mind that small vans obviously have limited space and a lower payload than larger vehicles.

The benefits are that small ones are more financially friendly to buy and run. In some cases, it’s more cost-effective to invest in a van and install van racking solutions than purchase a medium-size cargo van. 

The best small vans in the UK are also a pleasure to drive. They’re definitely easy to park which comes as a blessing when you have to squeeze into a tight space.

Turning into narrow alleyways is also easier, so they do have their uses for all types of businesses. But if you want to determine what the best small van in the UK is for your business, consider features that make your business more profitable.

Best Small Vans With Tall Roofs

Payload is an important factor for businesses. The weight that you are legally allowed to carry can have a significant bearing on the van’s economy. Because small vans naturally have a lower payload, it can mean your drivers have to make several journeys. 

If your business relies on being able to carry a lot of cargo, the best small vans in the UK are models with tall roofs; Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner and Vauxhall Combo Cargo

Ideally, you want to be looking at the storage volume and the payload. A spacious van, with the right customised racking, will mean you can carry far more cargo in one run. And that makes your business far more profitable. 

Vans with taller roofs do tend to be more expensive though that’s not a rule of thumb. You can pick up some of the best small vans with tall roofs for less money than some specialist small vans. Ideally, you want to be looking at vans with a payload of around 800 kg -1000 kg. 

To make your business even more profitable, vans with zero emissions and low running costs are a good bet. The all-new Nissan Townstar ticks all the boxes.

Bear in mind that the UK government is offering tax incentives to businesses that invest in low carbon fuel vehicles.

Best Small Vans in the UK

Vans with impressive payload can present a cost-effective solution that ramps up your profits. One of the best small vans on the UK market is the Ford Transit Connect – boasting an 833 kg payload. And it’s one of our favourite vans to configure! 

The biggest payloads, and consequently, the biggest paydays, are the Toyota Proace City Long and the Standard Vauxhall Combo, both of which have a maximum payload of 1000kg. The winner in this department, however, is the Fiat Doblo Cargo Mazi L2H1 which boasts an industry-leading payload of 1005kg. 

In addition to the payload, accessibility can play a key role. Small vans with big payloads typically have a larger loading area than other small vans which makes loading and unloading cargo easier. For van drivers with a mobile workshop, wider volume areas also make the rear of your van easier to move around when you’re looking for tools and equipment. 

We trust the information in this article has given you some guidance on the best small vans in the UK. But truth be told, the majority of these vans should meet the needs of your business once it’s installed with customised van racking. 

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