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Customised Racking Can Enhance Cheap Small Vans

12 July 2022

With costs soaring in the UK, it makes sense for business owners to purchase a cheap small van. However, investing in a little van could compromise your load volume. 

Small work vans are appealing because they are affordable, practical for navigating city traffic and less expensive to run than bigger models, However, the compact size means you won’t be able to fit as much cargo in. 

Little vans with less load space can mean your business loses money. For example, delivery drivers may need to make two trips from the depot instead of one. Tradesmen may not be able to fit all their tools and materials into the van to make a single journey. 

The good news is that today’s small work vans have been fitted with improved engine sizes. Larger engines in small cheap vans mean you can comfortably increase the payload. Installing van racking, therefore, makes cheap small vans more efficient and even more cost-effective. 

Looking For a Little or Cheap Small Van?

There are dozens of cheap small vans available on the UK marke. Finding the best one to meet your needs can be a time-consuming endeavour. To help you make a decision, we recommend narrowing your options down to the Citreon Berlingo, Peugeot Partner, Vauxhall Combo, Ford Transit Connect and VW Caddy. 

These little vans are pretty versatile and a good solution for most tradesmen and businesses with a fleet. They have a reasonable load space and sliding door which can be useful for accessing tools and equipment.

How To Fit a Little or Small Work Van?

If you do choose to invest in a small work van, we recommend enhancing the load volume by installing customised van racking. By expanding your storage space, you can organise your work van, save time and fit more in the back. 

A van racking system will be determined by the size of your tools and how much equipment you need. If you have a lot of bulky equipment that takes up a lot of space, installing van drawers false floor is a good solution. You can also add pull-out drawers for easy access. 

Underfloor storage is usually around 10-12 inches but provides sufficient storage space. By adding a shelving system with built-in cabinets to sit on top, a false floor won’t compromise your storage space. If anything, it gives you more room. 

Every small works van is immediately improved with a shelving system. Aluminium is an ideal material for shelving because it is super light but strong. You can use shelving to either stack boxes or fit sliding drawers. Gardeners find it useful to attach hooks to shelving posts where they can hang hand tools.

Most tradesmen will find a van-high cabinet built around the sliding side door useful for little vans. A cabinet that is accessible from the outside of the van is ideal for workers that carry a lot of tools on a daily basis. Utilising the sliding tool gives you easy access to your most-used tools and equipment. 

Van racking can transform a small work van into a mobile workshop. Joiners, for example, reap the benefits of installing a pullout workbench which they can use to cut pieces of wood or metal. All you need is a thick wedge of plywood fitted with foldable legs on a runner. 

Is a Cheap Small Van Right for your Business?

A small work fitted with customised van racking can enhance the capacity to match load volumes associated with medium-sized vans. Buying a cheap small van is the best way to save money and installing van racking ensures you don’t compromise load space.  

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