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The Benefits of Folding Loading Ramps

25 July 2022

Folding aluminium ramps represent an alternative solution to hydraulic and chain-driven electric liftgates. Manufactured with a robust but lightweight metal, they are easy to use, install and clean. 

Ramps can also be more beneficial to some users than other commercial options. Aluminium loading ramps tend to be less expensive than mechanical liftgates. They also provide more robust ramping solutions that make it easy to load and unload commercial vans. 

Furthermore, folding ramps can be fitted into just about any type of commercial van. This makes them an ideal option for all types of end-users and can enhance your van racking system.

However, it is important that folding loading ramps have the appropriate length and gradient for your van. A ramp is only effective if the length and width can support the cargo you are loading into the back of your van and fitted at the right gradient. 

With this in mind, ordering a custom-made folding aluminium ramp is the best option. They require very little technical knowledge to install and can be fixed or removable. 

Folding Ramps: 3 Benefits For Your Work Van

Aluminium folding ramps can be installed in all types of commercial vans as best van accessories. Custom-designed folding ramps also means you will not suffer any mechanical issues that cost time and money to repair. Our innovative solutions meet your needs. 

The type of folding ramp you need will depend on what you need to use it for. However, the length, width and gradient must take into account the height of the floor and roof together with the weight the ramp will need to support. 

Having said that, folding aluminium ramps have specific characteristics that benefit all users.

1) Easy to Maintain 

Ramp maintenance ensures that the equipment is kept in good condition. And aluminium is one of the easiest materials to maintain. The smooth surfaces are easy to wipe clean with a cloth, brush or mop. This also improves the safety of the ramp and ensures you maintain a professional appearance, 

Folding ramps also have an advantage over in-floor or mechanically-operated ramps in that they do not gather rubble, dirt and gravel. Other types of ramps tend to get clogged up with debris that either makes them dysfunctional or requires regular cleaning. With less cleaning involved you have more time to focus on your job and more free time to do as you please.

2) Support Heavy Loads

Because aluminium folding ramps are strong they can handle loads up to 1800kg. The minimum support is typically 350kg. The amount of weight your ramp needs to support will determine the design and dimensions. 

For example, some folding loading ramps are more convenient for users when they are made with low-angle folding. This design is ideal for loading cargo that is not too heavy. 

If you are installing a folding loading ramp that will be used to load and unload long items that are heavy, you might want to fit a kneeling feature on the ramp. This gives users firm and stable support in a lower position to remove pressure from their lower back. 

3) Easy To Store 

Although folding loading ramps are robust and sturdy, they are not very deep. The thin depth makes them easy to store in a flat or upright position without taking up much space. And because aluminium is lightweight, they are easy to lift and move.

Folding aluminium ramps are a practical solution that can enhance your work’s van racking. Designed for commercial vans, box trucks and disabled transport vehicles, aluminium loading ramps are a versatile and cost-effective solution to lift gates. 

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