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Mobile Workshop Solutions for Caddy Van Conversions

2 August 2022

As you would expect from a compact van, the VW Caddy has a limited load capacity of just 3.2 sq.m. However, with innovative VW Caddy solutions, it’s possible to create more space without needing to invest in a larger vehicle. 

The Volkswagen Caddy is one of the best small commercial vans in the UK. Thanks to its fuel efficiency and reliability, it was voted Best Small Trades Van in the Business Van of the Year Awards of 2018. It remains a firm favourite with couriers, professional tradesmen and a host of other businesses that would benefit from adding a small van to their fleet. 

However, when you’re dealing with a compact van, you have to make the most of your load space. A Caddy van conversion provides you with extensive van racking storage options that fill every last corner of your mobile workshop.

Caddy Solutions For Having Your Van Modified

A modified Caddy effectively makes the most of the load space. It also saves you time and money. You don’t waste hours a week searching for tools and materials in a disorganised mess.

Moreover, VW Caddy solutions give you more space to fit everything you need in the back of your van. This can save you from having to make more than one trip before you get started on a job. Also, cargo and equipment can be sowed safely without the risk of damage. 

A Caddy van conversion provides you with multiple options to create a customised van storage system that works for you. Our caddy solutions combine innovative ideas that deliver a versatile and durable van storage system that improves your cargo control. 

Customised Shelves and Drawers 

Couriers and tradesmen that own a compact mobile workshop need storage solutions that offer optimal versatility. Shelves and drawers are naturally an ideal choice for any van storage system. 

By installing shelf racking and an assortment of drawers, you can organise your van that suits the way you work. When you have a place for everything, shelves and drawers give you quick access to tools and equipment. You can also add labels for easy identification.

There are a variety of van shelving ideas that you can install into a caddy-modified storing system. The type of shelving will depend on the nature of your business, but adjustable and extendable shelving is a good option for small commercial vans. 

We also recommend opting for aluminium shelving. This strong and lightweight metal is versatile and keeps the weight of your storage system to a minimum. Therefore, aluminium has less impact on your payload. 

False Floor

A false floor is an ideal solution that enables you to make more of the limited load space the VW Caddy offers. It also gives you more storage options. For example, if you carry large equipment, it can be stored under floor drawers. This gives you more space in the back of your van and provides you with easy access to the machinery. It’s easier to load and unload heavy equipment from underfloor drawers. 

Fitting a false floor naturally raises the height of your floor. But the advantage is that you use the space at the top of your van – which would ordinarily go unused. Essentially, you optimise your storage space whilst providing you with easy access to all your equipment.

Non-Slip, Load-Securing Floor

Load-securing floors are ideal for work vans that carry a lot of equipment which accumulatively weighs a significant amount. It’s also an alternative option to a false floor. It’s an ideal option if you carry a piece of heavy equipment but don’t need an extensive storage system for your caddy van conversion. Load-securing floors are also non-slip so enhance safety in wet conditions. 

Practical Organiser

VW Caddy solutions are not only reserved for the rear of a work van. For professionals that have to fill in paperwork for each job, a practical organiser that folds into the passenger seat is a great option. You can use foldable solutions as a mobile desktop and for storing brochures, pads, paper and pens. 

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