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Looking for the most reliable van for your Business? 

10 August 2022

Work cargo vans can be invaluable assets to all types of businesses. However, if you invest in a work van that’s unreliable, it ends up costing you time and money rather than boosting your profits. 

However, when you consider the most reliable vans of all time, the voting is based on factors that reach beyond their mechanical prowess. A reliable van not only gets you from A to B, but it also gets your work tools and materials there as well. 

There are, of course, solutions that can enhance the storage capacity and load space of a work van. For example, if you purchase a small van, adding van racking ideas or best van accessories can significantly expand the cargo space. Which makes your work van even more reliable. 

What Features Do The Most Reliable Vans Offer Professionals? 

Naming the most reliable work van on the current market is subjective. Moreover, it can sometimes be a stroke of luck how reliable a commercial van is. Or bad luck depending on your experience. 

For example, you may purchase a model that is usually reliable but you have the misfortune of buying the one vehicle in the batch that has a faulty part. 

You will also probably read a dozen other articles on the internet listing the top 10 most reliable vans of all time. And none of them agrees or helps you to make a purchasing decision. 

However, what these suggestions will do is enable you to create a shortlist. With your shortlist to hand, look for the following features. These are the points professionals need to consider.


The most recognised brands are known for manufacturing dependable engines that run smoothly for many years. Even if you purchase a second-hand van with not too many miles on the clock, you should still expect the top 10 most reliable van brands to serve you well. 

Running Costs 

The manufacturers of the 10 top most reliable vans place a significant amount of importance on running costs. The leading brands know they will sell more vehicles that have excellent fuel economy. 

Vans that meet today’s emission restrictions, will also enable businesses to reduce road tax burdens. 

If mileage is a key consideration for your business, the most reliable vans are hybrid vehicles. Also, look into the estimated time between servicing and repairs to help minimise your costs. 

You can generally work this out by checking the length of the warranty together with historical performance data. You can find useful data from the FN50 on Fleet News.

Loadspace and Payload 

Reliability means different things to different people. For most businesses, however, one of the most important considerations is how much cargo a van can carry. 

The number of tools and materials you can fit into a work van can determine whether the vehicle is fit for its purpose. Can you make one journey instead of two? The most reliable vans of all time have enabled users to maximise profits by installing custom racking and expanding the load space. Therefore, the payload becomes a factor in measuring the reliability of a commercial van.

Top 10 Most Reliable Vans

Choosing the top 10 most reliable vans on the current market is not an easy task. It will take up an entire night of debate and more than several beers to make a list. That said, we’ve had a stab. Here goes:

  1. Ford Transit Connect 
  2. Mercedes Benz Sprinter
  3. 2018 NV Cargo
  4. Ram ProMaster City
  5. Mercedes Metris 
  6. Nissan NV 200
  7. Volkswagen Caddy
  8. Vauxhall Vivaro
  9. Citroen Berlingo
  10. Renault Trafic

The best van for your business ultimately depends on what you most need it for. But the makes and models listed above should give you a good starting point.

What Are The Most Reliable Van Brands of All Time?

If we were to choose the three undisputable heavyweights of cargo vans it has to be Ford, Mercedes and Volkswagen. The order they fall will depend on personal preference and experience. 

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