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All You Need To Know About Roof Racks For Vans

11 May 2022

Some commercial vans come with a roof rack. Others need a roof rack installed. In either case, you’re not guaranteed to invest in a roof rack for vans that serves your purpose. 

One thing we can guarantee is that you have a good selection of high-quality roof racks for vans to choose from. Today’s brands combine durability and strength with aesthetic design. 

Issues can arise, however, with regards to size, adjustability and how appropriate the racking is for your storage needs. Some businesses will get the best results from a custom-designed van rack.

Having said that, modern modular van racks may be adjustable, such as the vanguard roof rack. These types of van roof racks have also eliminated the nuts and bolts which dramatically reduces installation times. With vanguard roof racks, your work’s van is not out of action for very long whilst the roof rack is being fitted. 

Van Roof Racks for Businesses

Commercial vans are one of the most valuable assets for a business. However, vans are less profitable if you are not able to store all the tools and equipment you need to carry out a job.

To maximise the profitability of your commercial van, you need a racking system equipped with the best van  accessories. Whilst racking designs will look different across industries, roof van racks provide a wide range of solutions for multiple professionals. 

The type of van rack you fit should be able to support the cargo you’re carrying. In other words, it should be secure and an appropriate size. We expect you’re aware of the dangers falling cargo poses for road users and pedestrians. 

Van racks are ideal for securing cargo that will not otherwise fit inside your van. External racking is designed for carrying 8×4 sheet materials such as plywood, MDF, fencing, water pipes, tubing, installation panels and MDF. 

However, that doesn’t mean every type of van rack on the market will carry the load you need for a job – without having to make more than one trip. For example, a van roof rack with built-up side panels enables you to stack more materials onto your load. 

We also recommend roof racks with full-length rear rollers. This makes loading and off-loading far easier, quicker and safer. If you have a high roof van, you might want to consider attaching a side-mounted ladder. This makes your cargo more accessible and lowers the risk of injury.

Van Roof Racks vs Van Roof Bars

There are two types of roof racks for commercial vans; gallery roof racks and roof bars. The type you opt for will be determined by several factors. 

Roof racks are better for carrying heavy loads. They have multiple crossbars which makes them more durable and more tie-down points for securing cargo. Van roof racks with built-up sides also enable you to carry a higher load volume. 

Van roof racks are most popular with tradesmen that carry oversized materials that are too big to be loaded externally. They are particularly popular with roofing contractors, builders, and carpenters. 

If you carry ladders regularly, you may also want to consider a gallery roof rack for the added security they offer. The best option for ladders is to install an internal sliding rack on the underside of the roof. 

Roof bars for vans, on the other hand, are better suited for carrying lighter loads. They are more discrete and have aesthetic qualities that are more pleasing to the eye than roof racks for vans. They’re also less expensive and easier to install if you have a van roof vent

Van roof bars tend to be more popular with plumbers, electricians and security installers. If you’re only carrying a small number of pipes or metal rods, you’ll also get away with roof bars.

The key consideration when installing roof racks for vans is safety first. Ensure that the racking option you choose is appropriate for the cargo you are carrying. 

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