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Benefits of Lightweight Shelves & Van Shelving Types

26 April 2022

Lightweight shelving is a great way for professional tradesmen to boost profits. By upfitting your van with sophisticated van racking solutions, your mobile workshop is more efficient – and thus, profitable. 

Every business looks for effective solutions that enable them to increase their revenue. For businesses that rely on vans, installing light shelves maximises your load capacity and lowers fuel consumption.

Customised van racking solutions are not beneficial to some businesses if they are too heavy. Professionals that need to maximise space without consuming your payload can increase the efficiency of your business. 

According to Commercial Fleet magazine, one in four vans used for business purposes exceed the legal payload limit. If a driver is stopped by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), you face penalties between £100 to £300.

For example, lightweight van shelving enables you to load more goods into the back of your van. This means your drivers make fewer trips and save on time and fuel.

Lightweight Shelving for Vans: Types & Benefits

There are several types of material you can use to install a van racking system. The best option for most professionals is aluminium. Aluminium is a lot lighter than steel or wood and more durable than plastic. 

The benefits of Aluminium Lightweight Van Shelving 

Metal shelving systems have several benefits over wood and plastic. They are more durable, easy to work with and the most customisable. Whilst some professionals prefer steal racking to store heavy material, aluminium is the most lightweight van shelving for the majority of businesses. 

Because aluminium is a hardwearing alloy, it represents a good investment. Lightweight metal shelving is built to last. Not only that, but aluminium alloy is anodised to increase the thickness so that it’s strong enough to support heavier weights.

Aluminium is also easy for metal experts to work with. This means they’re able to produce a wide range of lightweight accessories including storage bins, pockets and cable holders to name a few. 

Composite Lightweight Shelving for Vans

Composite lightweight storage shelves are a hybrid of steel and aluminium. It’s not the most lightweight metal shelving but the steel component makes it more robust and durable than all-aluminium shelving. 

Lightweight Metal Shelving 

Sheet metal is cut to precision measurements. Not only does this means your customised van racking doesn’t waste any space, but it also means there is no excess material that adds weight to your load capacity. By adding sheet metal accessories into your van shelving ideas you can shave up to 30% of the weight from your storage system. 

Plastic Drawers and Light Shelves

Plastic drawers, open containers, storage bins and waste bins are lightweight storage solutions that are lighter and less expensive than light metal shelving.

Whilst plastic can reduce the weight by up to 60% of the overall van racking, plastic is not as durable as metal. It is, therefore, recommended to build the bulk of your van racking system with light metal shelving and complement it with plastic accessories.

Key Of Lightweight Storage Shelves: Safety

Given what we have already mentioned with regards to lightweight shelves lowering your load capacity, shelving for vans is safer for your drivers and other road users. 

If a van exceeds the payload, it can topple easier and brake slower which makes the stopping distance longer. Lightweight van shelving can be the difference between a safe emergency stop and a damaged vehicle. Or worse, injuring a driver or pedestrian. 

There are numerous ways of lowering the load capacity of your work’s van with light van shelving. A talented professional with experience fitting light shelving for vans will be able to make your van highly efficient and increase the profits for your business. 

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