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Why Tradesmen Cannot Stand Without Van Racking Kits

12 August 2021

Van racking kits transform your vehicle into a fully functioning mobile workstation. The shelving systems we provide at Tecnolam are not only manufactured with high-quality materials, but can be also customised to meet your precise needs.  In other words, customised van racking kits offer numerous benefits.

In this article, we examine the solutions you can expect by installing a van shelving kit. Our experts’ design van racking kits for all types of tradesmen and vans.

Van Racking and Shelving Kits: Benefits

Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, carpenter or scientist, having an organised van makes a massive difference. Your work life will be far easier with a customised van shelving kit. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits.


Van racking kits should allow you to do your job easier.

A customised design means you will gain easy access to the tools you use the most. We also have storage ideas that make it easier to store, load and unload equipment on a job-by-job basis.

A well thought out design makes finding tools much more convenient. It also saves you time – which increases productivity and profitability. There will be no more rummaging around in the back of your van looking for parts and tools. 

Functional and Efficient

The key to designing and installing van shelving kits is functionality.

You need to be able to store a wide range of heavy or bulky equipment as well as small parts and tools. Not only that, but you also want to maximise your storage space. Efficient van racking kits enable you to manoeuvre when loading and unloading equipment. This enables your crew to go about their job more efficiently. 

Increase load capacity

Tradesmen tend to find they don’t have sufficient space to load up materials for a job.

If you have to remove tools and parts to transport an item for a customer, install a van shelving kit. Increasing your load capacity may even save you a trip. How often have you had to drop items off to customers then go and fetch something else? Maximising the space in the back of your van could save you a trip.

Eliminates damage 

Installing a van shelving kit means everything has a place.

Loose tools and parts will damage the inside of your vehicle. You might also damage the goods you are transporting to a job. Van racking kits prevent your equipment from rolling around and smashing into things.

There is also a health and safety angle to consider. When all your equipment is strewn all over the back of your van, it creates a danger hazard. You probably know from experience how easy it is to cut your fingers on a tool buried under a sheet. Or you may have walked into a metal bar and jarred your shin. That’s no laughing matter. 

Untidy vans also increase the risk of damaging tools and equipment. And damaged goods can be costly to replace. Van racking solutions can, therefore, save you a considerable amount of money.

Projects a professional image

Tradesmen rely on word-of-mouth to generate business.

You may not always be judged on how well you carry out your job. Most people judge one another on their appearance. If you rock up with a disorganised van, it’s a reflection of your character. And first impressions last. 

Customised van shelving kits help improve your professional image and give you instant credibility. And you may not only have to impress customers. A potential new recruit will be more impressed and eager to work for you if your van looks the business. 

The van racking solutions we deliver are designed to make your job easier and more enjoyable. What type of van racking do you need?

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