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Upgrade your van with LED interior lights

16 April 2024

In this article we invite you to light up your professional workspace with van interior lights. In this sense, for professionals who rely on their vans as mobile workshops, proper lighting is essential for productivity. LED interior lighting, for example like Ford’s Transit warning lights, offer safety on the road. 

Furthermore, LED lighting offers a practical solution for illuminating the workspace, making it easier to perform tasks in low light conditions. Read on if you want to know the benefits of LED interior van lighting and how to install it in your van. Learn how to install it in your van to improve visibility and efficiency!

Van Interior Lights: Main 3 benefits of LED lighting

LED lighting provides bright, uniform illumination throughout the interior of the van, making it easier to locate tools, materials and equipment. And not only they provide these benefits, but also more advantages such as:

  • Energy efficient: LED lights are highly efficient, consuming less energy compared to traditional options. This not only helps reduce fuel consumption, but also reduces operating costs, making it a cost-effective lighting solution for businesses.
  • Safety: Well-lit workspaces are essential to ensure safety. LED lighting provides bright, clear illumination, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries caused by poor visibility.
  • Durability: Van interior lights are renowned for their durability. They are resistant to vibration and shock, making them ideal for use in harsh working environments. Their long life ensures consistent and reliable performance, minimising the need for frequent replacement and maintenance.

How to Install Van Interior LED Lights in You Workshop?

The process of installing LED lights for a van interior can be relatively simple. Actually, many workers will be able to do it without any professional help. Here you have a short 6 steps guide:

  1. Determine the location: Decide where you want to install LED lights in your van. Common locations include the ceiling, walls and under shelves or cupboards.
  2. Gather materials: You’ll need LED strip lights, a power source (such as a battery or a connection to the fuse box), connectors and mounting hardware.
  3. Prepare the surface: Clean and dry the surface on which you will mount the LED lights to ensure proper adhesion.
  4. Mount the LED strips: Place the LED strip lights in the locations using adhesive or mounting clips.
  5. Connect the wiring: Connect the LED strip lights to the power supply using wiring and connectors. It’s advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Secure the wiring: Secure any loose wiring and hide it along the inside of the van for a neat and professional looking installation.

Choosing Between LED and Fluorescent Lighting for Garages

LED lighting has become one of the preferred choices for workshop lighting. Thanks to their wider availability and lower cost, LED for van interior lights are now more affordable than ever. They also consume less energy than traditional fluorescent and incandescent lighting, resulting in significant savings on energy bills.

According to the Energy Savings Trust, switching to LED lights can save you approximately £65 per year. LED technology offers numerous advantages over fluorescent lighting; they do not flicker and have a longer lifetime (around 50,000 hours, four to five times longer than fluorescent lights).

The colour of the light is also essential to create a good working atmosphere. For example, colour temperature of 4500K-5000K is ideal to support concentration, and workshops with a lack of natural light can benefit from LED lights with a colour temperature of 6500K.

In this regard, at Tecnolam we provide professional mobile workshop solutions, offering van racking systems tailored to the needs of business and professionals such as plumbers, electricians, craftsmen, carpenters and installers.

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