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Top Small Vans with 5 Seats for Professionals

9 May 2024

For businesses and professionals looking for versatility and functionality in their workshop, choosing small vans with 5 seats is paramount. Whether you’re a plumber, electrician or carpenter (for example), having ample seating capacity along with ample cargo space can improve your productivity on the job.

Read on if you want to explore some of the best small vans equipped with 5-seaters, tailored to meet the needs of professionals in different industries.  Improve productivity with ample seating and cargo space!

What Are The Best Small Vans with 5 seats or 5-seater?

When we talk about 5-seater small vans, there are several options that stand out. Here are some of the best small van with 5 seats:

1) Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom Double Cab In-Van (DCIV) is one of the best vans in the UK, available in standard and long wheelbase in a variety of trims. It seats five passengers (or six with optional seating) and offers versatility from basic work versions to high-specification variants.

The Transit Custom is powered by an EcoBlue diesel engines, with the option of a powerful 185 hp engine. These engines are designed to provide smooth and consistent power, along with agile response, ensuring a pleasant and safe driving experience both in urban roads and on long highway journeys.

2) Volkswagen Transporter Kombi

The T6.1 Transporter Kombi boasts a more upscale feel compared to some rival crew vans. With recent updates incorporating technology from the Golf hatchback, it offers excellent connectivity and safety features within the van segment.

The Transporter has a 2.0-liter diesel engine in 148bhp TDI and 196bhp BiTDI variants, the latter featuring twin turbos for impressive acceleration. The absence of a bulkhead between the rear seats and the cargo area compromises cargo security, despite facilitating the loading of longer items.

3) Renault Trafic Crew

If you opt for a passenger-oriented Renault Trafic, you will find a van more focused on work than family use, although it is still an excellent choice for its spaciousness within the midsize segment.

The Crew features a bulkhead and sliding glass doors, ensuring safety with solid steel rear doors. With a clean cargo area, the Trafic Crew offers ample space, 3.2 cubic meters for the standard L1 model and 4 cubic meters for the L2.

4) Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van

The Mercedes Sprinter stands out as a premium option. The Crew Van Pack upgrade option transforms the rear-wheel-drive panel van into a versatile hauler. This upgrade includes a three-seat bench, additional windows in the sliding side doors and interior panels.

While it may not offer the utmost in luxury, it effectively does the job. And with various sizes and configurations available, including multiple engine and transmission options, the Sprinter offers flexibility to suit a variety of needs.

5) Renault Kangoo Maxi Crew

The Kangoo crew with the 5-seater configuration offers up to 3.4 cubic meters of space, slightly less than the standard Kangoo Maxi’s 3.6 cubic meters. Although the regular Kangoo features just one sliding side door, the Maxi version offers the convenience of two doors, facilitating access to the rear seats, especially in the Crew variant.

Small Vans With 5 Seats: Conclusions

A notable difference is the Renault’s availability in the all-electric ZE 33 version, offering a real-world range of up to approximately 160 miles. This range may decrease with a full load or adverse conditions. So keep in mind! At Tecnolam based in the UK, we not only give you information about small vans with 5 seats, but we also offer the best van tool storage ideas for professionals using a fleet of vehicles.

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