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Vehicle Theft Prevention: Essential Tips for Professionals

12 February 2024

As professionals who rely on their vehicles, such as electricians, craftsmen, plumbers, carpenters, and installers, vehicle theft prevention is paramount. Not only is the vehicle itself an asset, but the tools and equipment it carries are often invaluable.

With the rise in vehicle theft, it’s crucial to take steps to prevent theft from your professional vehicle or commercial van. Read on if you want to know some tips to help you secure your van and the valuable tools inside it.

5 Vehicle Theft Prevention Tips for Professionals and Businesses

In a world where professionals rely heavily on their vehicles and workshops, security becomes paramount. For electricians, craftsmen, plumbers, carpenters and installers, their vehicles are more than just a mode of transport.

For that reason, let’s delve into vehicle theft prevention and explore how to secure your mobile workshop or van.

1. Secure Your Keys

Obviously, the easiest way to steal a van is with the key. So, you must always know where your van key is and consider using, for example, a signal blocking case to block the signal of any key cloning device.

This type of theft is becoming more and more common. Thieves take advantage of a worker’s carelessness during loading and unloading, or at a gas station, and open the van without anyone suspecting. They don’t force doors or windows, so they can steal with no notice of what they are really doing (as they’re not the real owners!).

2. Upgrade the Locks

Consider upgrading the locks on your vehicle to make them safer. An upgrade to more secure locks can provide an added layer of protection for your vehicle, as well as the valuable tools it carries. There are lock picking tools available that can tackle most standard manufacturer-fitted van locks.

3. Use Visual Deterrents

Stickers can be a low-cost visual method of prevention theft form vehicles. For example, a message such as “No valuables stored in this van” can be impactful.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to complement these decals with additional security measures. Thieves may think that these tags are a cheap way to protect the van and, indeed, that you have not invested in other systems.

4. Don’t Advertise What’s Inside

What you put on the side of your vehicle gives a thief an idea of what’s in its interior. If your van contains high-quality van racking, consider having an unmarked professional vehicle.

This way, it doesn’t attract unnecessary attention and reduces the likelihood of theft. In other words, discretion can be a powerful tool in maintaining the security of your vehicle and its contents.

5. Remove Valuables Tools

The only sure way to avoid having something stolen from your van is not to leave it inside. Always take expensive tools and equipment out of the van if you’re not going to use them.

This may be an option for people transporting expensive tools or material such as jewelry, electronics, or collectibles. If the delivery drivers or professionals collect the money in cash, they should also take it out of the van instead of leaving it loaded until the next day.

In addition to these tips, you can consider investing in a professional mobile workshop, van racking, and shelving system. These systems can be both modular and customised to fit your needs. They not only help keep your tools and equipment organised but also secure. The best way to prevent vehicle theft is to stay vigilant and proactive in your security measures.

Vehicle security is paramount for professionals. In this regard, at Tecnolam we offer vehicle theft prevention ideas and tips to the needs of professionals.

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