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Workshop on 4 wheels: an ever-expanding novelty

30 June 2021

Innovation, organization and smart life? Well. You definitely need to have a 4-wheeled workshop. If you are thinking of furnishing your mobile workshop, you are in the right place: discover the secrets of a tailor-made set-up.

Getting a good 4-wheeled van racking is a start to work on your professionalism. In fact, whatever your professionalism is, a van set-up can make the difference.

In fact, do you think what it might mean to have the opportunity to move your workshop to a large city like Paris or Strasbourg for example? Moving to a big city means having a lot of time available, but if time is scarce, having your own material and equipment with you can make the difference.

Innovation on 4 wheels: a mobile workshop in Italian colors

Italy is famous for its commitment to professionalism, for its consideration of small and medium-sized enterprises and crafts. Being a craftsman is sometimes something that concerns one’s tradition, one’s identity, the heart of one’s profession.

Let’s not fool ourselves, everything that can help your work is a complement to buy or to propose to your workshop. In this case, in fact, we are talking about something that could change your life, thus changing your daily working life.

Reflect on the way you spend your working day, take note of the things you could change, put them into action! If you are tired of having everything in disorder in your van, of taking too long to fix your tools and having some particularly damaged, perhaps you need a workshop on 4 wheels.

“It is important to consider transforming your commercial vehicle into a real personal mobile workshop adapted to your needs.”

Workshop on 4 wheels: the future for your van with Tecnolam

A small summary of the advantages of having a tailor-made set-up:

– It will save you a lot of time in the interventions you are going to do during the day

– Perfectly fits your van and your van’s wheelbase

– You can choose between different types of shelving, cabinets, suitcases and accessories

– It is designed for your work needs and therefore based on your current profession, which, however, we remind you that it can be changed over time

– 36 months warranty

– The products are built with the best materials on the market since the pieces are made to be light and therefore do not affect the weight of the van but at the same time robust to safely contain every tool and small parts of your profession

– The price is advantageous as it passes from the producer to the consumer without intermediaries

– There are no additional costs but the final cost will be sent to you in the 3D quote where everything will be specified

– If you need additional accessories, just ask and in fact you will be recommended the best accessories that you can adapt to your van (some are really very practical, with an excellent finish and above all they can make a difference)

– The shipment is made throughout Italy

The benefits of having a 4-wheel workshop are numerous, some clearly visible, others that you can see over time

Let’s say this, because viewing photos will not be enough to grab all the benefits of a 4-wheel workshop. The benefits become really important right from the first week of use. In fact, having shelving that can help you in your work and a nice floor could already make the difference, think instead when you even have a complete set-up tailored to your van: it will really change your working day!

In fact, your set-up could be completely made to measure, you can give life to your project without any limit of size, materials or finishes. In fact, it is possible to set up any brand and van wheelbase both with standard shelving and with custom-made shelving specifically built according to your working needs.

For example if you are an electrician and you handle daily: screws, cables, sockets and ladders, you may need sturdy but light well packaged shelving with plastic tool cases and miniatures! The good news is that you can find all this with a click, requesting a 3D quote from your trusted company.

When you receive the quote, it will all be downhill because in a few working days if you choose Tecnolam products, your set-up will be delivered and you can easily assemble it.

Contact us for further information, we are at your complete disposal.

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